Business and Economics Advisors Group

In order to promote further transatlantic economic integration and cooperation, the Atlantic Council launched the Business and Economics Advisory Group (BEAG). This group of internationally renowned policy experts and leaders from the academic, business, and political fields in both Europe and the United States fosters the debate on a wide range of transatlantic business and economic policy issues.

The BEAG, co-chaired by Caio Koch-Weser, vice chairman of Deutsche Bank, and Stuart Eizenstat, former deputy secretary of the US Treasury, examines key economic topics where there is an identifiable common transatlantic challenge, and identifies specific avenues for transatlantic cooperation on those topics. BEAG members are instrumental in policy formation and debates regarding economic and trade policy in both the United States and Europe, providing expertise and stature to the Council's work on a range of economic and business issues, including:

  • The future of trade liberalization initiatives
  • The impact of emerging economies in the global arena
  • Economic aspects of climate change
  • The international impact of private capital movements
  • Transatlantic leadership in global economic institutions

The BEAG serves as a key advisory group for the Atlantic Council's Global Business and Economics Program.

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Strategic Advisors Group

The Strategic Advisors Group (SAG) is a standing body of roughly forty senior experts on NATO and transatlantic security issues from across North America and Europe that provides timely, relevant insights and analysis to policymakers and the public on strategic issues in the transatlantic security relationship.

Founded in 2007 by then-Atlantic Council Chairman General James L. Jones, Brent Scowcroft, and former Norwegian Minister of Defense Kristin Krohn Devold, the SAG has established itself as the pre-eminent institution for strategic thinking and analysis on Euro-Atlantic security through its thought leadership on critical issues such as Afghanistan/Pakistan, the NATO Strategic Concept, and NATO reform. Currently chaired by EADS CEO Tom Enders, the SAG produces major public policy briefs and reports, hosts off-the-record strategy sessions for senior US and European civilian and military officials, and provides informal, expert advice to senior policymakers.

The SAG serves as a key advisory group for the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security.

The SAG and its activities are generously sponsored by the Scowcroft Group and EADS North America.