Rachel DeLevie-Orey

Assistant Director, Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center

DeLevie-Orey Rachel

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Rachel DeLevie-Orey is an Assistant Director with the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center. Her work focuses on US-Cuban relations, Mexican reform, and the role of technology in elections. Rachel was a key player in the creation, execution, and dissemination of the first ever national poll on American public opinion of US-Cuba policy, a study which has since been cited in media outlets across the world as an important influencer in the policy discussion. Work on this issue has included op-eds, memos, and public events on the changing dynamics of the US-Cuba relationship. Rachel has been part of briefings for the State Department, the National Security Council, and members of Congress on issues including US-Cuba policy, Mexican energy reform, and the Colombian peace talks. 

Previously, Rachel worked for Grunwald Communications, a political communications firm in Washington, DC. The firm creates TV and radio ads for Democratic candidates. Rachel’s campaigns included Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin.