Hafed Al-Ghwell

  • Al-Ghwell: If We Fail in Libya, Is There Hope in Other Places?

    Rafik Hariri Center Nonresident Senior Fellow Hafed Al-Ghwell writes for Al Jazeera on why the conflicts in Libya and the Middle East demonstrate a new period in the history of the Middle East and North Africa:

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  • If We Fail in Libya

    A former US State Department official wrote several weeks ago: "Observing events in Libya since the revolution has often been like watching someone set his dining room table while the house is on fire." The reality is, it is not just Libya's house that's on fire, but the whole neighbourhood, while everyone idly looks on. 
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  • Libya is Now Beyond Any Easy Solutions

    On February 17, Libya marked four years since the uprising that toppled Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and ignited the country’s civil war. The war that began as a fight between two camps — Gaddafi and his supporters against other Libyans who were determined to topple him with the help of Nato forces — is now a war between an endless number of militias and gangs of all stripes. From the ideological and criminal to the regional and tribal, each faction is fighting for different reasons, and in pursuit of different goals.
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