• An Atlantic Council Roadmap for State Department Reform

    A new Atlantic Council report that seeks to enhance the US State Department’s effectiveness recommends, among other things, a more results-oriented budget and streamlined foreign aid.

     A key recommendation is to use the US Agency for International Development (USAID) as “the platform to build a more robust, effective civilian assistance capacity, empowering it with an expanded mission set and greater control over US foreign assistance efforts.”

     The report’s authors—ten foreign policy experts—also agreed that in order to make the State Department more effective, its structure must be refined, its personnel properly prepared for their jobs, and its relationship with the US Congress improved.

     This analysis is “more important than ever,” US Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) said at the Atlantic Council on September 6. Royce delivered the keynote address at the report’s launch.

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  • Benitez Quoted in London South East Ltd. on Trump’s First Trip Abroad

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  • Castello-Catchot Quoted by La Vanguardia on Trump’s Diplomacy

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  • President Rousseff's Visit: Photo-Op or a New Era for the US and Brazil?

    After 18 months of tension following the revelation of a US surveillance program directed at the Brazilian government, President Dilma Rousseff's upcoming visit to Washington on June 30 marks an important shift toward reengagement for the United States and Brazil. The Presidents are expected to speak about a wide range of political and economic issues, from Venezuela and Haiti to scientific cooperation and trade, which have the potential to strengthen the bilateral relationship and produce tremendous benefits for both countries.

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  • Scowcroft Center’s Next Generation Report on Stronger US-German Relations Released in Berlin

    On June 9, Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft (German Atlantic Association), hosted the release of the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security's new report "Through a New Prism: A Next Generation Strategy for the US-German Relationship" at the German Federal Press Office in Berlin. The report, which twelve young Americans and Germans wrote in a little more than six weeks, calls for "less mistrust and less indifference" in the US-German relationship, for "more care, more investment...greater rhetorical restraint [and] a change in perspective." "Through a New Prism" incorporates eighteen recommendations in a range of issue areas including economics, defense, migration, diplomacy, intelligence, the media, technology, cultural exchange and language study. It represents the culmination of the Next Generation Project the Scowcroft Center launched in February 2015 to develop practical recommendations for strengthening the US-German...
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  • Future Communication Landscape for Public Diplomacy

    The use of information has long been a critical element of US foreign policy. In recent years, however, the growing complexity of the communication landscape makes effective global public engagement an increasingly challenging prospect. At the same time, the skills of public diplomacy and the integration of information are lost among many policy makers.

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