International Monetary Fund

  • TRADE IN ACTION October 13, 2017

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    In the context of the annual meetings of the World Bank and the IMF, the latter has released the full 2017 World Economic Outlook . 

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  • TRADE IN ACTION October 6, 2017

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    South Korea indicated on Wednesday it was open to talks on revising a 2012 trade pact with the United States after initial differences that followed President Donald Trump's threat to terminate the accord unless it was renegotiated. 

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  • The Right Land Reform Could Transform Ukraine Now

    Largely in response to the IMF’s condition for further aid, Ukraine is on the verge of launching land reform, possibly its most dramatic and important reform to date. The land reform concept that Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman has proposed, however, is unlikely to gain support from either the agricultural sector or from parliament. Due to its limitations, it will have a very narrow effect on the economy, and a good opportunity will once again be wasted. A much more promising option is also being discussed by lawmakers, however—but whether it will gain any momentum is an open question.

    Earlier this month, Groisman presented the government’s plan that allows only individuals to buy land, and only up to 200 hectares per person. Parliament will likely reject this concept, since it ignores the fact that Ukraine’s agricultural sector cannot be globally competitive...

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  • Reject Populists’ Slogans and Work Hard to Make Things Better, Gontareva Urges

    The governor of the National Bank of Ukraine may be diminutive, but she speaks powerfully.

    “For the previous two decades we were not brave enough,” Valeria Gontareva, 52, said in a March 8 interview. “The real transition from post-USSR to [a] modern competitive economy did not happen when Ukraine gained its independence.” Instead, Ukraine continued to build on the old Soviet edifice. “The longer you wait, the harder it is to construct the proper basics,” she said.

    Gontareva has been hard at work constructing the basics since June 2014.

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