Migrant Crisis

  • Marczak Quoted in NY Daily News on Trump's Tweet About Migrant Caravan

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  • How Europe’s Migration Crisis is Heating Up the Italy-Malta Relationship This Summer

    The recent election of Italy’s new populist government led by the anti-immigration Lega political party and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement has added extra heat to the Mediterranean’s already sweltering summer.

    Over the past few weeks, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, the head of the Lega party, followed through on his election promise of preventing migrants from entering into Italy and shut down the country’s southern ports to charity ships with migrants onboard.

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  • Bruton Quoted in The Intercept on African Migrants Fleeing Violence

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  • Erdoğan Asks US to End Support for Kurdish Militias, Hand Over Cleric

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, speaking at the Atlantic Council’s Istanbul Summit on April 28, urged the United States to end its support for Kurdish rebels in Syria and to extradite a cleric Turkey says orchestrated a failed coup attempt in July of 2016; he also accused some European countries of harboring terrorists. 

    Erdoğan’s remarks offered a preview of his upcoming meeting with US President Donald Trump in Washington on May 16. The Turkish leader had been unsuccessful in his efforts to convince former US President Barack Obama to drop his support for the Kurdish militias who have proven to be one of the most effective forces fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in Syria. He was optimistic that he could open a new, and very different, chapter in the US-Turkey relationship with Trump.

    US support for the Kurds could be a sticking point in that relationship. In April, Turkey...

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  • The EU's "Money-for-Migration" Deal with Mali Won't Work

    Over the weekend, European Union (EU) officials struck a deal with the West African nation of Mali to provide development funds in exchange for the country accepting the return of Malians whose asylum requests have been refused in Europe. While all the details of the agreement have yet to be announced, a brief statement by the Dutch foreign ministry indicated that Mali would receive 145.1 million euros of support across nine projects—six focused on Mali and three focused regionally. These projects would be aimed at both creating jobs and strengthening Mali’s border management capacity, including reinforcing the state’s registration system and implementing identity cards and biometric passports.

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  • Stein Quoted by The Cipher Brief on the Timing of Turkey's Operation in Jarablus

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  • Brynen Quoted by ahramonline on Governance in Libya

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  • Europe’s (In)security Challenge

    Cooperation among European law enforcement agencies is a ‘big challenge,’ says Atlantic Council’s Fran Burwell

    A spate of terrorist attacks across Europe over the past nineteen months has shaken confidence in European security, but has had divergent impacts on the popularity of the leaders of France and Germany, according to the Atlantic Council’s Fran Burwell.

    While German Chancellor Angela Merkel has seen a rise in support, French President François Hollande has found his already low approval ratings dip further.

    “The insecurity has…led to the revival of Mutti Merkel,” said Burwell, vice president, European Union and Special Initiatives, at the Atlantic Council. The chancellor, who is viewed by the German public as a steady pair of...

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  • Putin Seen Out to ‘Destroy’ the European Union

    Russia is exploiting the migrant crisis facing Europe with the goal of destroying the European Union, according to Madeleine K. Albright, a former US secretary of state.

    “The United States has felt that it is important to talk to the Russians about Syria and try to figure out whether there are places that we can find some agreement…The Russians have used the refugee crisis to accomplish something that, I think, is in [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s desires, and that is to destroy the European Union,” said Albright, an honorary director on the Atlantic Council’s board.

    “[Putin] was a very happy man over the Brexit vote. And the Brexit vote, to a great extent, came out of the refugee crisis,” she added.

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  • Russia, European Migrant Crisis Seen as Top Agenda Items for NATO Summit

    The challenge posed by a revanchist Russia and Europe’s migrant crisis will be at the top of the agenda at NATO’s Warsaw Summit on July 8 and 9, according to former US and European diplomats.

    “[The] NATO summit is going to be about…reassurance, understanding how to protect the members of the Alliance, and also make clear…to continue and to enlarge the dialogue with the Russians,” said Madeleine K. Albright, a former US secretary of state who is an honorary director of the Atlantic Council’s board.

    “We have to try to do both things at the same time: reassure our allies and be open to having discussions with the Russians,” she added.

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