• Can Defense Industrialists Work with Trump?

    Whatever opprobrium the president is owed, his administration's more important initiatives deserve attention.

    Donald Trump’s twin business advisory panels have collapsed. Members of both the Manufacturing Council and the Strategy & Policy Forum had been resigning quickly,...

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  • How to Be Like Ike

    Project Solarium as a model for assessing defense-industrial policy

    It is hard not to read a pretext for protectionism into the Executive Order President Trump signed last month under the ponderous title, “Assessing and Strengthening the Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base and Supply Chain Resiliency of the United States”. And yet, the Administration also has gone out of its...

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  • Maybe Not So Rare After All

    As the long term prognosis for the rare-earths business shows, the administration should move carefully in “strengthening supply chain resiliency.”

    On 21 July, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on “assessing and strengthening...

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  • Trump’s Transgender Ban Raises Legal Questions

    Is a tweet legally binding directive, asks former US Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning

    [Editor's note: On July 27, Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated that military policy regarding who may serve will not change until US Secretary of Defense...

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  • “The Whole Network Needs to Mesh in Wartime”

    Avoiding despair about military radio communications is the first step towards robust solutions.

    The US Army may be taking a knee in its pursuit of modernizing its battlefield radio communications. After fifteen years of pursuing its Warfighter Information Network Tactical (WIN-T) program, the service seems to be reconsidering the...

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  • Braw in The American Interest: European Arms Markets Heating Up

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  • You Can’t Call the Cavalry on Two Percent

    Ein kleines Gedankenexperiment on the consequences of spending targets

    Back in September 2014, I wrote in this column about whether percentages of gross domestic product (GDP) were a useful metric for military contributions across alliances. Back then,
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  • Trump States US Commitment to Europe, Article 5

    US President Donald J. Trump’s speech in Poland ahead of the G20 summit on July 7 reassured allies and emphasized the importance of the transatlantic relationship, noting that a strong Europe is beneficial for the United States and the whole of the West.

    “When your nations are strong, all the free nations of Europe are stronger, and the West becomes stronger as well,” Trump said in...

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  • Addressing Twenty-First-Century Threats

    Conventional forces called critical component of NATO’s toolkit

    Though the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign poses a significant threat to Western security, NATO allies working to counter Russian aggression must remember the importance of bolstering conventional forces, according to an Atlantic Council analyst.

    “Conventional forces are back,” said Ian Brzezinski,...

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  • Greenwalt Joins Government Matters to Discuss the National Defense Authorization Act

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