A Discussion with Iraqi Speaker of Parliament H.E. Salim al-Jabouri

July 18, 2017 - 9:30 am

Atlantic Council, 1030 15th St NW (12th Floor)
Washington, DC


Securing Iraq: A Conversation with Iraqi Speaker of Parliament H.E. Salim al-Jabouri

A conversation with:

H.E. Salim al-Jabouri
Iraqi Council of Representatives

Dr. Renad Mansour (via Skype)

Academy Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme

Chatham House

Introduced and moderated by:

Ambassador Frederic C. Hof

Director, Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East

Atlantic Council

Iraqi security forces have closed in on the final ISIS strongholds in Mosul, but challenges remain. Questions of post-ISIS reconciliation abound as military forces seek to identify and capture ISIS fighters still in the city. Meanwhile, the Iraqi government and the international community seek to restore essential services and rebuild communities following the strife. How might enhanced Iraqi-US collaboration and cooperation best ensure post-ISIS reconciliation in Mosul, and ultimately secure the future of Iraq from extremism?

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Atlantic Council
1030 15th Street NW, 12th Floor (West Tower Elevator) 
Washington, DC 

This event is open to press and on the record. 


A light breakfast will be served. 

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H.E. Dr. Salim al-Jabouri is a prominent Sunni political leader and the speaker of the Iraqi Parliament. He has held a number of positions in the Parliament since 2005, including chairman of the Human Rights Committee. He obtained his doctorate in law with distinction in 2001, and thereafter became professor of law at Al-Nahrain University in Baghdad. Dr. al-Jabouri served on Iraq’s Constitution Drafting Committee. He survived a terrorist attack in 2007 that claimed the lives of two of his brothers. In March 2014, he escaped another assassination attempt when a roadside bomb killed two of his bodyguards. These attacks on his family and himself have not deterred him from serving Iraq and its people as illustrated by his election to serve as the speaker of Iraqi Parliament in 2014.

Dr. Renad Mansour has held research and teaching positions since 2008 focusing on issues of comparative politics and international relations in the Middle East. His research at Chatham House explores the situation of Iraq in transition and the dilemmas posed by state-building. Prior to joining Chatham House, Renad was an El-Erian fellow at the Carnegie Middle East Centre, where he examined Iraq, Iran and Kurdish affairs. Renad is also a research fellow at the Cambridge Security Initiative based at Cambridge University and from 2013, he held positions as lecturer of International Studies and supervisor at the faculty of politics, also at Cambridge University. Renad has been a senior research fellow at the Iraq Institute for Strategic Studies in Beirut since 2011 and was adviser to the Kurdistan Regional Government Civil Society Ministry between 2008 and 2010. He received his PhD from Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Ambassador Frederic C. Hof came to the Atlantic Council after a career as a US Army officer, a private sector CEO, and a US Department of State diplomat. He is a Vietnam veteran and as a military officer served on the commission that investigated the 1983 bombing of the US Marine Corps headquarters at Beirut International Airport. In 2001, he served as chief of staff of the Sharm al-Sheikh Fact-Finding Commission, headed by former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, and was the principal drafter of the Commission's report. In the Department of State from 2009 to 2012, he took the lead in an effort to mediate Syrian-Israeli peace and was given the rank of ambassador in his capacity as special adviser to the secretary of state for transition in Syria. Among his military decorations is the Purple Heart.