Global Aggregation of Cyber Risk

The Atlantic Council, in partnership with Zurich Insurance, is managing a year-long effort to understand the global aggregation of cyber risks which could cause systemic shocks and ways, such as insurance and resilience, to mitigate them. Learn More
  • Second Cyber Risk Wednesday

    Exploring Cyber Insurance

    With little regulatory framework, cyber insurance is still a developing field. The increasing awareness and occurrence of cyber crimes, such as data breach, cyber espionage, or network intrusion, has placed this important topic squarely in front of risk managers and CEOs. The second Cyber Risk Wednesday, the monthly series organized by Cyber Statecraft...

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  • First Cyber Wednesday Kicks Off Dynamic New Series

    On October 23, 2013, the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative kicked off its Cyber Risk Wednesdays, an innovative series examining the ways that the public and private sectors are addressing the pressing issue of systemic cyber risks. Presented by the Atlantic Council and Zurich Insurance Group, the series provides an opportunity for government officials, business leaders, cyber...
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