Over a four-year time period, the Atlantic Council Iraq Initiative will produce three sets of outcomes: 

  1. The first set includes published reports and private and public programs. Activities include op-eds, media appearances, two issue briefs, and an annual report published each year with a final report released at the end of the project’s fourth year. The impact of these issue briefs and report will be amplified by private roundtables, featuring policy makers, state officials and the academics, and heavily publicized public events hosted by the Atlantic Council. Some would be in Washington; others in the region.

  2. The second set of outcomes would be the provision of a platform for Iraqi stakeholders from across the political, ethnic, and professional spectrum to raise and discuss questions pertinent to development and to arrive jointly at decisions they will own. This platform is vital since it would provide the opportunity for a cross section of Iraqis to have the kind of frank, constructive engagement that would be otherwise extremely difficult due to national politics and divisions. It is also vital since too often international players, with the best of intentions, will arrive at policy decisions doomed to failure because the domestic stakeholders cannot or will not commit to externally designed policy prescriptions which are not attuned to domestic nuances.

  3. The third outcome will be policy recommendations and strategies for international financial institutions, US agencies, and transatlantic and regional partners. These policies will have the strength of Iraqi input and buy-in which would greatly strengthen their ultimate potential for success and hence their value.