The Atlantic Council produces cutting-edge research and analyses that reflect the organization’s nonpartisan approach to fulfilling its mission. The Council’s work reaffirms its credibility to inform policy choices and strategies that seek to build a more secure and prosperous world. Together with its policy experts and ever-growing community of influence, the Council offers Members of Congress and their staff the following resources:

  • Access to the latest research and analyses on critical foreign policy issues, including through its vast list of publications and blogs.
  • Direct access to Atlantic Council experts who can provide briefings and congressional testimony.
  • A nonpartisan forum through which Members of Congress and staffers can engage with leaders from the business, academic, media, military, and diplomatic communities.
  • Opportunities to participate in policy briefings, off-the-record roundtable discussions, and public events and conferences.
  • CODELs to foster engagement with global counterparts, including through the Council’s flagship international conferences: the Atlantic Council Energy & Economic Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, and the Wrocław Global Forum in Wrocław, Poland.

If you are a Member of Congress or Hill staffer and are interested in our resources, please contact Vicente Garcia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 202-778-4980 for more information.