Amir Handjani

Former Resident Senior Fellow, South Asia Center

Handjani Amir

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Amir Handjani is Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council's South Asia Center. 

Mr. Handjani is also a Director of RAK Petroleum Public Company Limited, an exploration and production company listed on the Oslo exchange. He, as well, serves as a senior advisor to Karv Communications, a crisis communication and public relations firm in New York.

He is a Truman National Security fellow. He focuses on Iran-US relations, the Iran nuclear deal, the Persian Gulf, and Middle East security more broadly. He has published extensively in Reuters, Bloomberg View, The Hill, The National Interest and Al Jazeera

He began his legal career as United States Department of Justice Honors Law Graduate, where he served as an associate chief council in the Department of Justice. Mr. Handjani is fluent in English, Farsi, and Turkish. He is a graduate of Boston College and Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts."