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From Heritage: "An effective strategy for maximizing America's national security and reinforcing the indivisibility of transatlantic security should emphasize NATO's role in U.S.--European relations. The NATO First Act, H.R. 2797, introduced by Reps. Michael Turner (R--OH) and Jim Marshall (D--GA) contains several elements that would achieve that aim . . .

In fashioning a NATO-first agenda, the U.S. Congress and the Obama
Administration should reject 'Europe first' and instead take concrete
steps--such as enlargement and missile defense cooperation--to advance a successful transatlantic security policy."

From PressTV Iran: "British parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, with lawmakers from the country's main political parties, also expressed reserve over the plans in a report on weapons proliferation, Reuters reported Saturday.

'We are not convinced that, as they are currently envisaged and under current circumstances, the United States' planned ballistic missile defense (BMD) deployments in the Czech Republic and Poland represent a net gain for European security,' the report said.

The report also stressed that pushing ahead with the plans despite Kremlin's objection would risk alienating Russia and could prove 'highly detrimental to NATO's overall security interests.'"


From Deutsche Welle: "German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung announced that NATO would send four AWACS surveillance planes to Afghanistan, along with 100 German military personnel, as part of NATO's air security agreement." (photo: AP)
From Zaman: "Turkish and Greek fighter jets have been involved in a record number of dogfights in the first six months of the year as they have encountered each other more than 180 times, according to information from the Turkish General Staff.

The recent encounters between Turkish and Greek jets recalls the collision of the two NATO members' jets in 2006 in which a Greek pilot died when his F-16 collided with a Turkish jet in an area of disputed airspace where mock dogfights take place."
From "NATO already has chosen Sigonella as a base for up to eight Block 40 Global Hawks it aims to fly as part of its Allied Ground Surveillence program . . .

The Italian Air Force is, meanwhile, planning to create an air corridor to allow UAVs to take off from Sigonella. Global Hawks will be able to fly from there to Johannesburg and back without refuelling, said Ed Walby, director of business development at Northrop Grumman. "

From Iran's Press TV: "A Portuguese ship belonging to NATO named NRP Corte-Real has prevented seven Somali pirates from hijacking a Norwegian oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden . . .
Marine Rafael Silva was the first to climb onto the pirate ship, where he came face to face with two stunned pirates . . .
One of them moved to attack but Silva, 25, tackled and handcuffed him. The other men were restrained on the deck before the Portuguese Special Forces stormed the bridge, manned by two bandits wielding AK-47s . . .
The marines found more AK-47s, rocket propelled grenades, and enough explosives to sink a ship.
The 19 Somalis were disarmed and released upon an order from
authorities in Portugal"
From the Associated Press: "The alliance flotilla operating in the region will sail home at the end of the month. But ministers said they decided to dispatch a follow-on force known as Standing Maritime Force 2.
'Permanent groups from NATO are going to continue to be present ... in this complex challenge to eradicate piracy,' Spanish Defense Minister Carme Chacon said."
From Polish Radio: "Defense Minister Bogdan Klich has announced that NATO will locate the Joint Battle Command Centre in Bydgoszcz, northern Poland, following the decision by defense ministers at a NATO meeting in Brussels.
“The Alliance has made the decision to open a new NATO cell, a new joint regiment within NATO. According to the decision, commanders from three regiments will be located in Bydgoszcz,” stated Klich.
The Defense Minister is very positive about the decision, adding that this new element, coupled with Thursday’s decision to put a Polish general in NATO headquarters, shows the increasing importance of Poland within the Alliance."

From Hurriyet: "Turkey has decided to appoint retired ambassador Ümit Pamir as a member of the Wise Men Committee, a new body tasked to plan the future of NATO and its missions . . .
The idea of setting up such a committee, which is expected to be composed of 12 figures, came about as a result of concerns within NATO about its future missions in the post-Cold War era." (photo: Hurriyet)
From "A NATO rapid-reaction force is on a war footing in Swedish Lapland this week.
Ten countries, 2,000 troops, a strike aircraft carrier, and 50 fighter jets – including the US Air Force's F-15 Eagle – are participating in war games near contested Arctic territories.
Choosing this place for war games reflects the growing strategic importance of the Arctic, which is estimated to contain a quarter of the Earth's oil and gas, say analysts."