• US Response to Migrant Crisis an ‘Existential Issue’

    Former State Department official, R. Nicholas Burns, says United States needs to do more to help Syrian war refugees

    Americans need to repudiate the “deeply offensive” anti-migrant rhetoric coming from Republican presidential frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson that runs contrary to the founding principles of the United States of America, said R. Nicholas Burns, a former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

    Carson has compared migrants fleeing the war in Syria to dogs; Trump would support establishing a database to track Muslim Americans; Jeb Bush would prefer it if the United States took in Christian migrants; and Ted Cruz is adamant that the United States should only accept...

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  • NATO to Reinforce its Mediterranean Presence

    Nato will outline proposals next month for a new "southern strategy" in response to mounting instability across the Middle East and Russia's growing military presence south of the Bosphorus....
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  • Al Qaeda Affiliate Gets Out of the Way in Syria

    Nusra Front’s decision to leave frontlines against ISIS facilitates a US-Turkish agreement on a safe zone in northern Syria, says Atlantic Council’s Faysal Itani

    By deciding to quit frontline positions against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in northern Syria, al Qaeda-affiliate Nusra Front has made a US-Turkish agreement on establishing a safe zone in northern Syria more likely, says the Atlantic Council’s Faysal Itani.

    If Nusra Front had stayed on in the region north of Aleppo it would have made it impossible for the United States to use airstrikes to create an ISIS-free zone as per an agreement with Turkey because “this would have been...

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  • NATO Greenlights New Defense Training Program for Iraq

    NATO Allies have just agreed on a defence capacity building package for Iraq. It will help strengthen the country's security and defence sector by providing support in areas where NATO is best-placed to add value.
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  • Protecting Refugees in Protracted Emergencies in the Middle East

    Um Ghassan was eleven in 1948 when her family fled Haifa. They joined the Palestinian exodus to Jordan, and later moved to Syria. “They welcomed us like we were their relatives,” she said. Decades later, when fighting broke out in Syria in 2011, Um Ghassan initially stayed in her house. “I would never leave my home,” she told me.
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  • A Toothless Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan

    The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood finds itself increasingly under the spotlight as it battles regional and domestic pressures aimed at significantly toning down its already quiet presence in the Kingdom.
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  • Joint Arab Military Force: A Force for Stability?

    The heads of Arab League countries agreed at a summit in Egypt last month to set up a joint military force.

    Tarek Radwan, an Associate Director for the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center and editor of the MENASource blog, interviewed Atlantic Council analysts who weighed in on these plans.

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  • For the First Time, France Puts Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle Under US Command

    When Gen. Martin Dempsey's plane touched down Sunday on the deck of this ship, he became the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in recent history — perhaps ever — to set foot on a French aircraft carrier, a sign of the two nations' increasing operational unity in the campaign against the Islamic State.
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  • Mardini on Jordan's Military Response to ISIS

    McClatchy quotes Rafik Hariri Center Nonresident Fellow Ramzy Mardini on Jordan's military response to ISIS and possible consequences:

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  • Jordan’s Pilot and the War on ISIS

    The news surrounding the execution of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh was accompanied by shocking images of his Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) captors burning him alive. ISIS undoubtedly timed the release of this news to inflict the most damage on the Jordanian government and bring its original demand—that Jordan withdraw from the coalition—to the fore.
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