• Jordan's Economic Woes Lead to Heightened Political Dissent

    For any astute observer watching Jordan over the past several months, the violent protests that erupted Tuesday night in response to hikes in fuel prices were certainly no surprise. While Jordanians appreciate their relative stability—particularly with news of the deadly destruction in Syria and tinderbox tension in nearby Lebanon—the underlying anger and dissatisfaction that has been erupting in protests throughout Jordan for the past two years had not disappeared. What is remarkable about the latest round of demonstrations is that some voices are calling for an overthrow of the monarchy, an unthinkable and shocking demand even a year ago. Ongoing economic pressure from rising prices, reduced revenue from tourism and remittances, and a state that can no longer provide enough jobs—combined with deep frustration with the lack of political change—is proving to be a combustible mix.
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  • Iran's Hand in the Levant


    The Atlantic Council's Iran Task Force and Rafik Hariri Center, held a joint public briefing on Iran's influence in the Levant on December 14.

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  • Elusive Partnership: US and European Policies in the Near East and the Gulf

    This report presents the US-Middle East delegation's assessment of European attitudes and its conclusions and recommendations for the policies of the US government. The authors analyze the history of US–European relations on the topic of the Middle East and discuss the European attitudes toward the problem as well as the directions and dynamics of the region.

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