Global Business & Economics Program

  • First Annual Members' Conference - CEO Conversation

    Summary of the breakout CEO Conversation at the 2009 Annual Members' Conference.


    Mr. Ralph Crosby,* Chairman and CEO, EADS North America; Member, Atlantic Council Strategic Advisors Group
    Hon. Philip Lader,* Chairman, WPP plc; Senior Advisor, Morgan Stanley; Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom
    Mr. Jay Walker,* Chairman, Walker Digital LLC; Founder,
    Mr. Maciej Witucki,* Chief Executive, Polish Telecom
    Moderated by Mr. Frederick Kempe, President & CEO, Atlantic Council

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  • First Annual Members' Conference - World Financial Futures

    Summary of the breakout conversation "World Financial Futures" at the 2009 Annual Members' Conference.


    Hon. Timothy Adams,* Managing Director, The Lindsey Group; Former Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs; Member, Atlantic Council Business and Economics Advisory Group
    Ms. Teresa Ressel,* CEO, UBS Securities, LLC; Former Assistant Secretary and CFO, Department of the Treasury
    Moderated by Mr. Alexei Monsarrat, Director, Program on Global Business and Economics, Atlantic Council

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  • Seeds of New World Order Planted in Pittsburgh

    It was overshadowed not least by revelations of a new secret Iranian enrichment facility. But in the fullness of time, decisions taken at the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit contain the seeds of what may evolve into a reshaping of the global order.

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  • G20 Report: Renewing Globalization and Economic Growth

    On the eve of the Pittsburgh G20 Summit, the Atlantic Council and Carnegie Mellon University examine the next steps for economic growth after the global financial crisis in Renewing Globalization and Economic Growth in a Post-Crisis World: The Future of the G20 Agenda.  The report is a product of an all-day expert conference in Pittsburgh.

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  • Trade War With China?

    On Friday President Obama decided to levy a 35% tariff on tires imported from China. This morning China has responded by beginning the process of imposing tariffs on U. S. auto products and chicken white meat

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  • Global Economic Council Needed after Financial Crisis

    How do you transform the International Monetary Fund, an institution until recently widely criticised for its lack of legitimacy and representativeness, on the verge of irrelevance, into the international community’s premier tool for fighting the global crisis?

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  • Economic Lessons from Central Europe

    The non-biblical concept of original sin, as Claus Vistesen notes, refers to the situation where many developing economies who are not able to borrow in their own currencies feel forced to denominate large parts of their sovereign and private sector debt in non-domestic currencies in order to attract capital from foreign investors - as evidenced most recently in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

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  • The Myth of Western Decline and G7-OECD Obsolescence

    Despite widespread belief in a decline of the West and obsolescence of G7-G8, the actual statistics show that G7-8 remains overwhelmingly important, both as a vehicle for mutual cooperation and a guide for the world economy. A G14 or G20 could not provide an adequate substitute for it.

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  • Euro Catching Up to Dollar in Counterfeiting Game

    In a few short years, the euro has become the second-most-traded currency in the world.  Now, counterfeit euros are spreading faster than the real thing.

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  • 5 Questions for André Sapir

    André Sapir, a member of the Atlantic Council's Business and Economics Advisors Group, is an Economics Professor at Université Libre de Bruxelles and a Senior Fellow at Bruegel, a Brussels-based think tank.  I had the opportunity to gather his thoughts on some key issues of interest to the Atlantic Council community.

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