Global Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

  • How Should the US Approach LGBT rights in Africa?

    Botswana recently joined the growing list of African countries that have decriminalized homosexuality. In a unanimous decision, the court ruled to decriminalize same-sex relations. Unfortunately, not long after this much celebrated court ruling, Botswana’s government is now seeking to appeal the high court’s ruling and reinstate the criminalizing laws.

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  • How Can People Take Control of Their Own Finances?

    Economic empowerment makes ethical, social, economic, and business sense, and has the power to contribute to national as well as global economic growth. On the sidelines of the IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings, Latvian Finance Minister H.E. Dana Reizniece-Ozola joined the Atlantic Council's Marie Kasperek to discuss what must be done on a national, European, and global level to increase financial success for individuals.

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  • Financial Inclusion: A Powerful Tool for Women

    What is financial inclusion and how can it help women achieve success? H.E. Siv Jensen, finance minister of Norway, discusses this topic on the margins of the IMF spring meetings.

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