Hans Binnendijk

  • Binnendijk in Defense News: NATO Needs a European Level of Ambition

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  • NATO Priorities After the Brussels Summit

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    At the July 2018 Brussels Summit, NATO sought to enhance its deterrence capacity, war-fighting posture, and responses to unconventional challenges in today’s complex and evolving security environment. These commitments are comprehensive, and included meeting the allies’ 2-percent spending pledge, but the results of these decisions will depend on their implementation. This paper sets forth a policy and programmatic framework for that implementation, proposing four sets of actions that NATO should undertake related to enhancing conventional readiness, strengthening cyber defense and resilience, countering...

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  • Atlantic Council Welcomes Hans Binnendijk as Distinguished Fellow and Ambassador Timo Koster as Ambassadorial Fellow

    WASHINGTON, DC – The Atlantic Council is excited to announce the addition of two new fellows to the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security. Dr. Hans Binnendijk, formerly a NSC Senior Director for Defense Policy, will join as a distinguished fellow, and Timo Koster, Dutch ambassador-at-large for security policy and cyber, will join as an ambassadorial fellow. Both will greatly contribute to the Scowcroft Center’s core work on transatlantic security issues and NATO.

    Said Scowcroft Center director Barry Pavel, “We are delighted that both Ambassador Koster and Dr. Binnendijk, two highly distinguished and widely experienced experts, are joining our team to contribute their expertise at such a critical time for the NATO Alliance. We look forward to engaging Ambassador Koster and Dr. Binnendijk across a wide range of strategic issues, particularly as we approach NATO’s seventieth anniversary.”

    Hans Binnendijk...

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