Iran Environment

  • Iran’s Hurricane Katrina Moment

    Iranian authorities barred international journalists from covering the disastrous floods that have stricken most of the country’s provinces and caused death and mayhem during the normally festive two-week Nowruz holidays that follow the Iranian new year. Not even the smattering of foreign journalists still huddled precariously in Tehran were granted permission to head to Golestan and Mazandaran provinces or even Shiraz to speak with victims, rescue workers, and good Samaritans—something reporters do during natural disasters all over the world, including recent floods in Nebraska and Mozambique.

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  • Nowruz Floods in Iran Anger Many but Reasons Are Complex

    The Iranian new year, Nowruz, is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration when Iranians visit family and go on vacation in other provinces. But for many this year, it was a time of sorrow and loss. Heavy rains, first welcomed in the drought-stricken country, turned into catastrophic floods. Twenty-eight of Iran’s thirty-one provinces were underwater during the two-week holiday.

    So far, 43 people have reportedly died in flashfloods and tens of thousands have been displaced. The historic city of Shiraz in Fars Province was the hardest hit, with 19 dead.

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