John F.W. Rogers

  • Atlantic Council's Leadership Outlines Vision for the Future

    The Atlantic Council’s outgoing interim chairman, retired US Marine Corps Gen. James L. Jones, Jr., implored policymakers and citizens to embrace the need for change in a rapidly transitioning world. “You rise and fall based on your ability to change when the environment around you changes,” he said. “If you cannot change. . . you [will] fail.”

    Jones was joined by John F.W. Rogers, Chairman-elect of the Atlantic Council and a Goldman Sachs executive and government service veteran, in a discussion with Atlantic Council President and Chief Executive Officer Frederick Kempe at the Council’s Annual Forum in Washington on December 14.

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  • Atlantic Council Names John F.W. Rogers as Chairman of the Board of Directors

    WASHINGTON, DC – The Atlantic Council announced today that John F.W. Rogers, a Goldman Sachs executive and government service veteran, has been elected as Chairman of its Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2019. Rogers succeeds General James L. Jones USMC (ret.), who served as Atlantic Council Chairman from 2007 to 2009 and again since 2017. 

    Rogers has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, as a key figure in management in the executive branch, as a leader in the financial services industry, and as trustee or chairman of some of the nation’s most important non-profit institutions. 

    Said General Jones, who will remain on the Executive Committee of the Atlantic Council board as Executive Chairman Emeritus, “John wants to make a contribution that affects our national destiny and our leadership role in the world, and he has the rich skills to do so. That he believes that the


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