Kelsey Lilley

  • Lilley on the Attempted Coup in Burundi

    Africa Center Assistant Director Kelsey Lilley joins CCTV's Talk Africa to discuss the attempted coup in Burundi, the growing refugee situation in the region, and what to expect from the President's address to the nation:

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  • Coup Attempt in Burundi: Unanswered Questions

    Embattled Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza was in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania today for talks with the East African Community (EAC) about the political crisis in his country.

    After more than three weeks of often-violent demonstrations in the capital against what protesters call an unconstitutional third term attempt by the sitting president, elements of the military took action today and launched a coup d’état.

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  • Coalition Scores Victories Against Boko Haram

    Bottom Line Up Front: 

    • On April 28 and 30 the Nigerian military rescued hundreds of female hostages from Boko Haram’s stronghold in the northern Sambisa Forest

    • The origins of the freed kidnap victims are unknown, but the military has announced that most of them are not the schoolgirls kidnapped from Chibok in April 2014

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  • Burundi’s President Set to Defy Term Limits, Upset Delicate Peace

    The ruling party of the tiny, Great Lakes nation of Burundi will make arguably the most momentous decision in the young country’s history when it chooses a candidate for June’s presidential elections this Saturday. Despite an apparent constitutional limit of two five-year terms, current President Pierre Nkurunziza, in power since 2005, is angling for a third.

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  • African Migrant Deaths at Sea Spike as European Policy Comes Under Fire

    Italy’s coastguard and navy rescued more than 10,000 primarily African migrants from capsized, sinking, or distressed vessels in the Mediterranean Sea in the last week, and more than four hundred people are presumed dead after their overloaded boats capsized. These shocking numbers have become daily occurrences, and highlight the crisis facing Europe as migrants from across Africa flee turmoil in their home countries.

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  • Anti-Terror Financing Rules Choke Somali Remittances

    On February 6, 2015, one of the last Western banks willing to transfer money to Somalia on behalf of the country’s diaspora—transfers which represent up to 80 percent of all funds sent from the US to Somalia—ceased operations, cutting off one of the diaspora’s last options to support relatives and friends still in Somalia.

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  • What Next for Captured LRA Commander?

    On January 7, US forces took into custody Dominic Ongwen, a commander in the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), after his capture in the Central African Republic (CAR) by rebel forces.

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  • Two Years after Ghana Judge, US Supreme Court Rules against Argentina

    Earlier this week, Argentine stocks plummeted after the US Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from the Argentine government in an epic court battle with angry investors. The case pitted Argentina against US-based investors, both big and small, who lost fortunes during the South American country’s 2001-2002 economic implosion when it defaulted on its bonds—a total loss of nearly $100 billion. Among other holdouts, the New York-based hedge fund NML Capital Limited refused a restructuring of bonds it held and instead sought legal redress for the almost $1.3 billion face value of the IOUs it held. The Supreme Court’s ruling backs up a Ghanaian court which, two years earlier, concluded that Argentina should pay back its creditors.

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