Mona Alami

  • The Socioeconomics Behind the al-Nusra Bombings

    Syria’s Nusra Front has claimed two bombings on Lebanese interests in the last month. The first targeted Lebanese Shia pilgrims in Damascus, Syria; the second was a suicide bombing that rocked Tripoli, Lebanon last January.
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  • ISIS’s Governance Crisis (Part II): Social Services

    In its fourth issue of its English-language newsletter Dabig, the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) boasted that a “state cannot be established” unless it looked after both the “worldly and the religious needs” of Muslims. With that specific goal in mind, ISIS has entrenched itself in the daily life of residents of the region straddling Syria and Iraq, partly replacing the presence of the state, namely in the fields of justice, education and healthcare, with mixed results.
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  • ISIS’s Governance Crisis (Part I): Economic Governance

    Last summer, the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIl or ISIS) consolidated its control over large swaths of Syrian and Iraqi territory. The terrorist nebula has seen a rapid transformation, consolidating its grip through recruitment, fear, and the imposition of social policy in an attempt at governance.
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