Northern Triangle Security and Economic Opportunity Task Force

  • Halting the ‘Caravans’

    Addressing push factors is key to stemming flow of unauthorized migrants, says Atlantic Council’s Jason Marczak

    US President Donald J. Trump on April 3 announced that he would deploy US troops to the border with Mexico to stop the flow of unauthorized migrants into the United States. The comment followed a series of tweets in which the president warned about the “caravans” of migrants that are headed through Mexico to the United States.

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  • Brizuela de Ávila Joins NPR to Discuss Fighting Central America’s Drug Cartels

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  • Hearing to Review US Assistance for Central America

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  • Building a Better Future

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    To many Americans, the difficult issues facing Central America’s Northern Triangle—El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras—may seem distant. But the future of the United States is tied to these countries as some of our closest neighbors. Geography alone demonstrates that their stability and prosperity is critical to our national interest.


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  • To Secure the United States' Southern Border, Look to Central America

    US Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly says improvement in conditions will reduce unauthorized migration

    US Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly has some advice for people thinking of crossing over illegally into the United States: don’t bother coming.

    “The message is, ‘If you get here—if you pay the traffickers you will probably get here—you will be turned around within our laws relatively quickly and returned. It is not worth wasting your money,’” Kelly said at the Atlantic Council on May 4.

    People from Central America’s Northern Triangle—Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala—make up the vast majority of migrants crossing into the United States from Mexico.

    Kelly credited deportations, US government appeals to civil society in Central America, and an improvement in economic opportunities in those countries, in combination with cooperation between the US and Mexican governments, for the reduction by 70 percent in the...

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  • Northern Triangle Security and Economic Opportunity Task Force

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