Sri Lanka

  • Gopalaswamy Quoted in AP on China and India Closely Watching Sri Lankan Crisis

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  • Sri Lankan Peace Process Would Have Benefitted from Greater International Effort, says Former Negotiator

    A broader international commitment would have ensured the success of an effort to end an over two-decade-long war between the Sri Lankan military and Tamil separatists, Erik Solheim, a former peace negotiator, said at the Atlantic Council on January 14.

    In the absence of such a commitment, the Sri Lankan military continued a fierce offensive against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fighters as ceasefire agreements between the warring sides collapsed. In May of 2009, the government announced that it had defeated the separatists, bringing the curtain down on a 26-year war. More than 100,000 people are believed to have lost their lives, at least 40,000 of them in the war’s final days.

    India, Japan, and Norway offered diplomatic and logistical support during the effort to broker peace between the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE. But, Solheim...

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  • Foreign Intervention in South Asia: A Case Study from Sri Lanka

    On January 14, the South Asia Center hosted a discussion, "Foreign Intervention in South Asia: A Case Study from Sri Lanka" with Mark Salter, Author of To End a Civil WarErik Solheim,Chief Negotatior of the Sri Lanka peace process; and Richard L. Armitage, President, Armitage International, L.C.

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  • Sri Lanka and the Emerging Order in South Asia

    After decades of damaging civil war, Sri Lanka and its new government are setting a course to prevent the reoccurrence of conflict and violence. In an unprecedented session combining political and civil society leaders, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the United States His Excellency Prasad Kariyawasam and Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies’ Jeevan Thiagarajah and Dhanya Ratnavale discussed the path forward for the country. Sharing one stage itself is a “manifestation of the landmark changes that have happened in Sri Lanka,” said Kariyawasam.

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  • Gopalaswamy on the Relationship Between the United States and Sri Lanka

    The AP quotes South Asia Center Acting Director Bharath Gopalaswamy on the results of Sri Lanka's recent election and what it means for the relationship between the United States and Sri Lanka:

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  • Sri Lanka Election: A 'Win for Democracy'

    A Longtime President's Departure Gives US 'an Opportunity,' Gopalaswamy Says

    The defeat of Sri Lanka’s long-serving president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, presents an opportunity for the United States to deepen its ties with the South Asian island nation, which has grown closer to China over the past decade, says Atlantic Council analyst Bharath Gopalaswamy. Rajapaksa, who was in office since 2005, amended Sri Lanka’s Constitution to expand the powers of the presidency and was seeking an unprecedented third term in office.

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