• TTIP Action | May 21

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    TPA cleared a major hurdle in the Republican-controlled Senate today, with a 62-38 vote ending debate on the bill and moving it toward a final vote in the House.

    Yesterday, the Atlantic Council's Global Business and Economics Program bid farewell to the "founding father" of TTIP Action, Garrett Workman, Associate Director at the Global Business and Economics Program. While he will be greatly missed at the Council, team TTIP Action wishes him all the best for his new position and will continue to provide you with your biweekly fix of "everything TTIP".

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    A Robust Trade Agenda to Help Move America Forward


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  • TTIP Action | May 19


    House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan on CNN's State of the Union with Brianna Keilar

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    Ryan on State of the Union: For 'More Jobs and Better Wages,' We Need Trade

    "The other part is there's going to be 3.2 billion people in the middle class by Asia by the year 2030. It's an enormous market for America. And if we want more jobs and better wages, you have to trade." - Chairman Paul Ryan

    On Sunday, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan appeared on CNN's State of the Union to discuss the importance of TPA legislation currently being considered by Congress. During their conversation, Chairman Ryan explained why new trade agreements are so vital to the American economy and why it is...

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  • TTIP Action | May 14


    Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci and European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström hold a press conference following their meeting at the European Commission in Brussels, on May 12, 2015

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    EU Trade Policy: Driven by People's Needs, Responding to their Concerns

    "TTIP will help us strengthen our ties in order to make sure we have a strong voice in setting the global rules of trade. The 'P' in that acronym stands for partnership. A partnership for leadership is what we are trying to build. If we don't lead, others will." - Cecilia Malmström
    EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström spoke at the Belgian Parliament last Tuesday on a range of EU trade policy issues, specifically focusing on TTIP.

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  • TTIP Action | May 12

    President Obama Visited Nike's Headquarters in Beverton, Oregon to talk trade last Friday.

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    Remarks by the President on Trade

    " We can't stand on the beaches and stop the global economy at our shores. We've got to harness it on our terms. This century is built for us. It's about innovation. It's about dynamism and flexibility and entrepreneurship, and information and knowledge and science and research. That's us. So we can't be afraid of it; we've got to seize it." - President Barack Obama

    President Obama made a speech at Nike, Inc. last Friday, in Beaverton, Oregon, highlighting the importance of trade and current trade deals under negotiation. Emphasizing that trade was neither a left or a right issue, a business or a labor issue, President Obama instead focused on the need...

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  • TTIP Action | May 7

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    The Atlantic Council's Fran Burwell, EU Ambassador David O'Sullivan, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Industry & Analysis Marcus Jadotte, President and CEO of Center for Democracy & Technology Nuala O'Connor, and Managing Director of Rock Creek Global Advisors Daniel Price discussed the future of transatlantic cooperation on the digital economy at the Atlantic Council's event yesterday on Breaking Down Digital Barriers.

    For video of the event, please click here.

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  • TTIP Action | May 5

    European Union Ambassador to the United States David O'Sullivan

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    EPP Group - Position Paper on International Trade

    " It is estimated that in 2015, 90% of world growth will be generated outside the EU. It is a truism that more trade leads to higher productivity, contributes to increased external competitiveness and could contribute immediately to more than 1.5% of direct economic growth as well as bring significant consumer benefits."

    The Group of the European People's Party and European Democrats in the European Parliament published a position paper on International Trade, noting that a balanced TTIP agreement would unleash the full, currently underutilized, potential of Europe's economic relationship while positively shaping the world trade regulatory patterns. (...

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  • TTIP Action | April 30

    US Secretary of State John Kerry speakingat the launch of the Atlantic Council's Trade and National Security Initiative

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    Want to Hold the President Accountable? Then the "Trade Promotion Authority" Bill Is for You.

    " Without TPA, Congress can only react to the deal the president puts in front of it. But with TPA, Congress can assert its rightful role throughout the negotiations. The way it works is simple. Congress lays out about 150 negotiating objectives for the president to pursue, plus a number of transparency and consultation requirements. If the president meets all these requirements, Congress agrees to give the trade agreement an up-or-down vote." - Paul Ryan

    The chairman of the House's Ways and Means Committee,...

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  • TTIP Action | April 28

    US Chief TTIP Negotiator Dan Mullaney with EU Chief Negotiator Ignacio Garcia Bercero

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    Remarks By the President at the Organizing for Action Summit

    "So if America does not write the rules for trade that are good for us, if we're not writing the rules of trade for the global economy while our economy is still in a position of global strength - because we're right now the fastest - we're the strongest economy compared to a lot of our competitors - now is the time for us to write the rules that make sure that we aren't locked out of markets, that we're able to sell our goods in places like Asia." - President Barack Obama

    Last Thursday, President Obama made a speech at the Organizing for Action Summit...

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  • TTIP Action | April 23

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    Secretary of State John Kerry at the Atlantic Council

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    Trade and National Security: Renewing US Leadership Through Economic Strength

    "2015 is simply not the time for us to decide that trade negotiations are too hard, or somehow vacate the field and let seventy years of lessons from the Great Depression and World War II get tossed aside. It's not the time for us to sit back and allow the principles of free and open trade to be supplanted by the barren twins of protectionism and mercantilism." - Secretary of State John Kerry
    Secretary of State John Kerry spoke today at the Atlantic Council to underline the importance of TPA, TTIP, and TPP. Not only are these trade agreements

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  • TTIP Action | April 21

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    EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström

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    Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015

    "TPP and T-TIP are critical to American economic security, supporting higher paying jobs here at home while leveling the playing field for US businesses abroad. TPP and T-TIP are vital to our national interests by cementing our ties to strategically...

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