• Cyber Security: Hackers and Retooled Institutions

    You may have missed it.

    As fireworks were exploding over our nation’s capital this Independence Day weekend, U.S. government websites were being attacked by hackers.

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  • Finland should join NATO's cyber defense co-op, says defense minister

    From Xinhua: Finland should accept NATO's offer to join the military alliance's cyber defense cooperation, Defense Minister Jyri Hakamies said on Thursday.

    Finland is a highly developed information society and therefore vulnerable to cyber attacks, Hakamies said.

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  • Cyber armies are gearing up in the cold war of the web

    From the Guardian: Last week the Nato-backed Co-operative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, based in the Estonian capital of Tallinn, held its inaugural annual conference, and the need and wisdom of creating an offensive strategy was centre stage. Nato's hawks argue that unless you develop an active deterrence strategy and threaten your opponents with cybergeddon, then you are critically...
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  • Estonia and Latvia’s New Balancing Act

    From left to right: the Prime Minister of Estonia, Andrus Ansip and NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

    Despite fierce resistance from Moscow, NATO began a month long string of military exercises in Georgia yesterday. These types of training exercises have been often been criticized by Russian


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  • Cyber Attack: Risk Management Primer for CEOs

    No business, government, nongovernmental, or other organization of whatever size is invulnerable to cyber attacks. Business owners and executives, including managing directors, cannot afford to put at risk the security and stability of their operating and financial systems, confidential information, intellectual property, and business transactions to cyber predators through lack of knowledge or...
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