June 27, 2016
On June 27, 2016 the Atlantic Council hosted a private luncheon followed by a public roll-out to launch a new flagship report on “Restoring the Power and Purpose of the NATO Alliance,” co-chaired by Ambassador R. Nicholas Burns and General James L. Jones. In light of Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union, the events convened key transatlantic officials and leaders to discuss what the US, UK, and crucial European Allies must do to bolster NATO's strength and solidarity, especially in a post-Brexit Europe. The events presented the key conclusions and recommendations of the report, which was the culmination of a four month-long Atlantic Council-chartered study on the future of NATO..

The study is premised on the belief that the Alliance is facing its greatest set of internal and external challenges since the Cold War. The report calls for renewed leadership by the United States and key allies to restore NATO's power and purpose in the face of an entirely new security environment. Numerous senior experts, former officials, and policymakers gathered at the Council to discuss NATO's strategic priorities ahead of the seminal Warsaw Summit.