March 15, 2016
On March 15, the Council’s Transatlantic Security Initiative hosted an off-the-record workshop on Restoring NATO’s Power and Purpose, a joint study chaired by General James L. Jones and Ambassador R. Nicholas Burns aimed at developing an ambitious new strategy for NATO. The workshop, moderated by Atlantic Council Executive Vice President Damon Wilson, convened a select group of senior experts and US and European government officials with deep experience on NATO issues.

The study is premised on the idea that the transatlantic community stands at a historic moment requiring a stronger NATO with expanded military capacity and more visible, assertive leadership on both sides of the Atlantic. The recommendations that emerged from this workshop helped inform the approach and the arguments of the study’s final report, which will be launched in June at the Atlantic Council in Washington. Follow-up roll-outs will also take place in key European capitals ahead of the seminal NATO Warsaw Summit this summer.