Tackling India's Cyber Threat

November 1, 2013 - 9:30 am

1030 15th Street, NW, 12th Floor
Washington, DC

A conversation with

Ambassador Latha Reddy
Former Deputy National Security Advisor
Republic of India

Moderated by

Jason Healey
Director, Cyber Statecraft Initiative
Atlantic Council

Please join the Atlantic Council for a discussion on how India is securing the country's cyberspace and address ing cybersecurity issues like espionage and internet governance.

India is becoming the second-largest victim of cyberattacks after the United States and earlier this year released its first national Cyber Security Policy. The purpose of this framework document is to ensure a secure and resilient cyberspace for citizens, businesses, and the government.

In particular, the policy aims to strengthen the role of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) in coordination with crisis management efforts and awareness-raising activities on cybersecurity. Alongside protecting the country's cyber infrastructure, the policy strengthens the significant role IT has played in transforming India’s image to that of a global player in providing IT solutions of the highest standards.

During her tenure as the deputy national security advisor, Ambassador Reddy led the effort to create the Cyber Security Policy. Accordingly, she will discuss India’s perspectives on the policy, its implications for India's partners and allies, and discuss wider cybersecuity issues such as espionage and internet governance.

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Ambassador Latha Reddy is the former deputy national security adviser of India, a post she held until this year. In addition to assisting National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon, Ambassador Reddy was responsible for cybersecurity and other critical internal and external security issues. She served in several positions at the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce in New Delhi. She has also served as the deputy director general of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, as the head of the Administration Division in the Ministry of External Affairs, and held various assignments at India's foreign missions.