The Atlantic Council seeks a talented, motivated, and creative assistant director to support the work of one of the Rafik Hariri Center’s core initiatives. The Center seeks candidates with demonstrated expertise in the politics and economics of the Middle East and North Africa region through academic and work experience. The assistant director will provide important research and programmatic support primarily to the director of the North Africa initiative but also to the Middle East Program as a whole. Knowledge of the political, economic and security dynamics in North Africa is a huge plus, especially Libya and Tunisia. The ideal candidate will be an excellent organizer and will serve as a program manager for the North Africa initiative, conducting research and drafting publications, leading organization of events and conferences, conducting fundraising, and maintaining contacts, among other responsibilities. The assistant director will be involved in drafting funding proposals and donor agreements, as well as stewarding existing donors. The candidate will also be encouraged to engage in their own research and publishing in addition to their cooperative assignments.

The position requires a proven aptitude for analytical thinking, superior writing ability, and excellent administrative and communication skills. The successful candidate will have an entrepreneurial spirit, communicate effectively, and proactively seek out opportunities for growth. Arabic, French or Italian language skills a plus.  

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide primary research, writing, and administrative support for the North Africa initiative director and other staff as needed. 
  • Assist in drafting and editing various Atlantic Council publications and other writing projects for external publication, including journal articles, policy briefs, and op-eds.  
  • Contribute to Atlantic Council blogs with news aggregation, policy analysis, short articles, and blog postings. 
  • Provide operational, logistical, and administrative support for events and activities related to the North Africa initiative (e.g. high-level luncheons/dinners, policy workshops, conferences, strategy sessions, task forces and other initiatives)
  • Manage the operations and administrative functions of the initiative director including organizing travel, meetings, and appointments; completing timesheets and expense reports
  • Organize and oversee the proper maintenance of files, documents (e.g. proposals, presentations, notes, speeches, etc), contacts, and confidential records to assist director in tracking and prioritizing various tasks and projects
  • Serve as a liaison for internal and external offices including high-level US and foreign government officials, diplomats, business executives, board members and internal Council employees and management
  • Draft weekly reports to communicate initiative activities as well as regular communication to donors and stakeholders
  • Engage in projects under the leadership of the deputy director related to topics of interest to other senior fellows and priorities of the Center.
  • Manage social media account for initiative director and support Center wide social media and communications efforts. 
  • Support other Middle East Program activities as appropriate.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as Middle East Affairs, International Affairs, or Economics.
  • Demonstrated interest in the MENA region (North Africa focus a plus). 
  • Approximately 2-3 years’ relevant work experience.  
  • Strong writing, communication and analytical skills.
  • Proposal writing and development experience, as well as overall business development experience a plus.
  • Experience living, studying or working in the MENA region is highly desired.

About the Middle East Programs 

The Atlantic Council’s Middle East programs provide a forum for informing and galvanizing the transatlantic community to work together to address the range of challenges and support opportunities for growth in the region. The Atlantic Council examines key trends and current events in the Middle East through the lens of a cadre of DC-based and regional experts, providing timely analysis and policy recommendations for the United States, its allied governments, and the broader policy community. The Council’s work on the Middle East will focus on two broad themes: building peace and security and unlocking the region’s largely untapped human potential. The breadth of our work on this critical region spans several initiatives and centers at the Council, from the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East to the Scowcroft Center’s Middle East Security Initiative to the Iraq Initiative and the Future of Iran Initiative.