BERLIN, GERMANY—Top strategy officials from ten of the world’s leading democracies gathered yesterday in Berlin to discuss key challenges facing the rules-based international order.  At the seventh meeting of the D-10 Strategy Forum, policy planning and strategy officials and experts from North America, Europe, and Asia focused on the rise of autocratic challenges  and how democracies can better align in the face of a changing international order. 

The meeting took place amid evolving challenges to the global system, as well as the growing uncertainty about the role of the United States and Britain’s impending exit from the European Union.

Citing the unique role of the D-10, bound together through “fundamental democratic principles and values,” German State Secretary Andreas Michaelis opened the meeting by calling on members to “step up their game” if they want to play a role in shaping the 21st century order. “This is about defending today’s rules-based order as well as writing the new rules we need for the emerging world order,” he said.  Michaelis added, “Even though China may be rising, we are still in a much stronger position to make sure a liberal and rules-based international order prevails.” 

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