Shuja Nawaz

  • Nawaz on US Relations with South Asia

    The Diplomat interviews South Asia Center Distinguished Fellow Shuja Nawaz on US relations with South Asia and the changing dynamics in the region:

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  • Falling Oil Prices Hit ISIS Where it Hurts

    Terrorist group’s plans to expand to South Asia seen hamstrung by its depleted finances

    A sharp drop in world oil prices and the presence of other terrorist groups will make it hard for the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) to establish a foothold in South Asia, said Omar Hamid, head of Asia Pacific Country Risk at IHS, a global analytics firm.

    ISIS and al-Qaeda face problems in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India because there are “already very strong, established local entities there,” Hamid said at an April 13 event hosted by the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center. “They are not walking into an empty canvas, and there is a limited pie in terms of recruits and funding.”

    “Almost certainly, if they do chose to focus on South Asia they will come up against the local actors who will not have any sort of fraternal instinct for them,” Hamid said in a discussion moderated by Shuja Nawaz, Distinguished Fellow at the South Asia Center.

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  • Cracking Down on Militancy in Pakistan

    On April 13, IHS’s Asia Pacific Country Risk Lead Omar Hamid and South Asia Center Distinguished Fellow Shuja Nawaz discussed the evolving militancy climate in Pakistan. Hamid cited the December 2014 attack on a government school in Peshawar as a “Pearl Harbor” moment for Pakistan, and suggested it enabled the nation to act swiftly and strongly against militancy.
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  • Nawaz: The CIA Provides Pakistan and Others with Much Needed Help in Fighting Terrorism

    South Asia Center Distinguished Fellow Shuja Nawaz writes for New York Times Room for Debate on why a revivified CIA is crucial for combating many of the terrorist threats the world faces today:

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  • Nawaz on Taliban Attack in Pakistan

    South Asia Center Distinguished Fellow Shuja Nawaz joins KQED to discuss the recent Taliban attack on a school in Pakistan:

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  • Nawaz on Taliban School Attack

    South Asia Center Distinguished Fellow Shuja Nawaz joins Al Jazeera English to discuss the recent attack by the Taliban on a school in Pakistan: 

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  • Nawaz on Pakistan's Army Chief of Staff

    Military Times quotes South Asia Center Director Shuja Nawaz on the upcoming visit of Pakistan's army chief of staff to the United States: 

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  • Malala Yousafzai, Kailash Satyarthi Win the Nobel Peace Prize for South Asia

    It is South Asia
    , in a sense, that has won the Nobel Peace Prize this year. The Norwegian Nobel Committee has rightly honored Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai for her advocacy of education for young girls, and India’s Kailash Satyarthi for his crusade against child labor and enslavement.

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  • In Afghanistan, President Ghani’s First Steps Will Be Critical

    President Ashraf Ghani took over from President Hamid Karzai in Kabul today in an historic transition. A long dispute over the election result was resolved with a rare compromise that brought Dr. Ghani’s opponent, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, into government in a new position, as “chief executive,” that is shaped as a kind of prime ministership. The flood of commentary that preceded this inauguration was marked by extreme views, divided between those who saw the Afghan glass as half full and those who saw it emptying fast.

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  • Nawaz on Modi's Visit to Washington

    South Asia Center Director Shuja Nawaz joins Amity University's Newshour Debate to discuss Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first official visit to Washington: 

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