The transatlantic partnership remains at the core of the Scowcroft Center's analysis of how global trends and emerging security challenges will impact the United States, its allies, and global partners. The Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security aims to produce cutting-edge analyses and to develop strategies for how the United States can best work with like-minded countries to shape the future.

The Scowcroft Center works collaboratively with the Council's other regional and functional programs and centers to produce multi-disciplinary analyses.  The Center honors General Brent Scowcroft's legacy of service and embodies his ethos of non-partisan commitment to the cause of international security, support for US international leadership in cooperation with allies and partners, and legacy of mentorship to the next generation of leaders.

Transatlantic Security Initiative

  • Missile Defense
  • NATO in an Era of Global Competition
  • Smarter Alliance Initiative
  • NATO Global Partnerships
  • Russian-American Dialogue on Mutually Assured Stability
  • Transatlantic Initiative on Nordic-Baltic Security
  • NATO Forum

Cyber Statecraft Initiative

  • Cyber 9/12
  • Cyber Risk Aggregation
  • History of Cyber Conflict
  • Series on Governance and Cybersecurity

Foresight, Strategy, and Risks Initiative

  • A Transatlantic Partnership for the Global Future
  • Emerging Technologies and Society
  • Urban World 2030
  • US-China Joint Assessment Project

Emerging Defense Challenges Initiative

  • Defense Strategists Forum
  • Defense Industrial Policy Series
  • Captains of Industry Series
  • Commanders Series

Asia Security Initiative

  • Cross Straits Series
  • Strengthening US Extended Deterrence in East Asia

Middle East Peace and Security Initiative

  • Strategic Dialogue for a Renewed US-Gulf Partnership
  • Quadrilateral Strategic Dialogue
  • Task Force on Reforming US Defense Cooperation with North Africa's Transitioning Democracies