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Fri, Jul 7, 2017

Journey to the West: Chinese opportunities in European infrastructure expansion

Maximilian Gebhardt explores the implications and challenges of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) for European Union infrastructure investments in the latest issue brief from the Atlantic Council’s Future Europe Initiative: “Journey to the West: Chinese Opportunities in European Infrastructure Expansion.” As the European Union aims to deepen integration, particularly in the field of infrastructure, […]

Issue Brief by Maximilian Gebhardt

China European Union

Wed, Jun 7, 2017

Turkey’s European journey

Turkey, a NATO ally, bridges a region spanning from Central Asia to Central Europe and the Levant that is marred by centuries of division and conflict, but whose nations and people are also bound together. Following an attempted military coup in 2016 and widespread government crackdowns across Turkish society, where Turkey is headed is uncertain. […]

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Mon, Jun 5, 2017

The Free World

Once again, authoritarians are challenging the world’s leading democracies, using twenty-first century versions of aggression, propaganda, and subversion.  The very notion of a rules-based, democratic-leaning international order—the Free World—seems in doubt, questioned also by newly-emboldened nationalists on both sides of the Atlantic.  In “The Free World,” Ambassador Dan Fried, who retired this year as the […]

Report by Ambassador Daniel Fried

Europe & Eurasia International Norms

Tue, Dec 13, 2016

Spotlight France: Europe’s swing state

France’s geopolitical power in Europe is unique. It combines a positive legacy of global leadership, a rich diplomatic network, universal aspirations, global military reach, cultural influence, and economic heft. The authors, Atlantic Council Senior Fellows Jérémie Gallon and Jeff Lightfoot, of this paper, “France: Europe’s Swing State: Foreign Policy Begins at Home,” argue that France […]

Issue Brief by Jérémie Gallon and Jeff Lightfoot

European Union France

Mon, Nov 21, 2016

Broken embraces: is Central Europe falling out of love with the West?

Throughout much of the 1990s, progress was the order of the day. NATO enlargement under the Clinton administration was part of a broader global strategy, presenting democratic and entrepreneurial opportunity. This process was coupled with the prospect of new cooperation with Russia to create an undivided, free, and prosperous Europe. A decade and a half […]

Issue Brief by Jeffrey Gedmin and Simona Kordosova Lightfoot

Central Europe

Tue, Oct 11, 2016

Into the clouds: European SMEs and the digital age

Cloud computing, which relies on automatically available services, including storage, that can be shared among devices, is considered crucial to the digital transformation of industry and the economy. But fundamental questions remain on the role of cloud computing in Europe and the best strategies for fostering the conditions necessary for a barrier-free transatlantic digital economy. […]

Report by Tyson E. Barker

Digital Policy Europe & Eurasia

Wed, Apr 6, 2016

Building a Transatlantic Digital Marketplace: Twenty Steps Toward 2020

The United States and the European Union (EU) have a historic opportunity—perhaps their last—to be leaders in building the digital market of the future. To do so, they must seize the opportunity to create a transatlantic digital single market stretching from Silicon Valley to Tallinn, Estonia. Together, they can give a new burst of energy […]

Report by Atlantic Council’s Task Force on Advancing a Transatlantic Digital Agenda

Digital Policy European Union

Mon, May 18, 2015

A transatlantic approach to Europe’s east: relaunching the Eastern Partnership

On May 20-21, 2015, European leaders will gather for the Eastern Partnership summit in Riga, Latvia, to discuss the future of Europe’s East. Given the extreme challenges faced by the countries of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) since the last summit, in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2013, and the cooling of EU relations with several of the […]

Issue Brief by Fran Burwell

Northern Europe

Wed, Jan 21, 2015

A transatlantic approach for the Arab world: Stability through inclusivity, good governance, and prosperity

A new Atlantic Council report warns against the tendency of Europe and the United States to sideline political and economic reform in the Middle East while they pursue urgent security priorities in this turbulent region. Instead, the transatlantic partners should forge a shared strategy to encourage political systems that can protect Arab citizens’ basic rights, […]

Issue Brief by Fran Burwell, Danya Greenfield, Amy Hawthorne

European Union International Organizations

Thu, Jan 9, 2014

Companions in Competitiveness

How France and the United States Can Help Each Other Succeed in the Twenty-first Century The Atlantic Council’s Transatlantic Relations Program’s new report, Companions in Competitiveness: How France and the United States Can Help Each Other Succeed in the Twenty-first Century, examines the factors needed for the two allies to thrive the globalized world of the […]

Report by Nicholas Dungan