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The Obama administration will carefully consider what intelligence it shares with Russia pertaining to enemy targets in Syria in part due to the belief that the Russians do not apply the same degree of care to avoiding civilian casualties, a senior US official said at the Atlantic Council on September 13.

Noting that the US military has a “highly attuned objective of limiting civilian casualties to zero wherever we can,” Marcel Lettre, undersecretary for intelligence at the Department of Defense, added: “It’s not been clear to the US military in the past that the Russian operating approach has that similar calibration.”
Developing countries are failing to meet fiscal transparency standards as established by the United States, according to a report released on July 28.

The US State Department’s Fiscal Transparency Report—released annually since 2012—details which countries meet the State Department’s minimum fiscal transparency requirements, which countries are making progress towards it, and which countries are making no significant progress.

In the 2016 report, sixty-four countries failed to meet the minimum standards. Of those, only eight showed significant progress.

The report reveals the highest number of countries that fail to meet the minimum standard and the lowest number making progress since 2012, when only thirty-four countries failed, and of those, thirty-two were making progress. The number of countries meeting the standard has steadily declined since 2012, as has the number of countries that have shown improvement.