Iranian Weapons Materiel on Display at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling

Tue, Jul 30, 2019

Avenues for conflict in the Gulf: A matrix game simulation

Iran faces increasing pressure domestically and internationally, while simultaneously perceiving a historic opportunity to reshape regional dynamics through multiple regional conflicts. This convergence creates conditions that could lead to a strategic shock, and which warrant serious consideration.

Issue Brief by John Watts

Conflict Crisis Management
The 13th Battalion of the Golani Brigade during a drill held in the Golan Heights in northern Israel. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Thu, Sep 27, 2018

The evolving Iranian strategy in Syria: A looming conflict with Israel

Iran began its military involvement in Syria in 2011, at the outbreak of the civil war. Tehran’s immediate objective was to defeat the Syrian opposition militarily to save Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The maintenance of the Shia-Alawi-dominated regime in Damascus was key to the Islamic Republic’s long-term regional strategy, the creation of a contiguous Shia […]

Issue Brief by Nader Uskowi

Iran Security & Defense

Mon, May 7, 2018

The United States-Lebanese armed forces partnership: Challenges, risks, and rewards

Over the past year, many have questioned the extent to which the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) are an arm of the Lebanese state or beholden to Hezbollah. Pointing to the LAF’s complicated relationship with Hezbollah, congressional and other voices in the United States have criticized US security assistance to Lebanon and threatened to withhold assistance. […]

Issue Brief by Nicholas Blanford

Iran Middle East

Mon, Dec 4, 2017

Iran in Iraq

Geographic proximity and shared religion, specifically Shia Islam, give Iran deep influence in Iraq, as shown in a new Atlantic Council issue brief entitled  Iran in Iraq, by American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Kenneth M. Pollack. Despite advantages in geography and demography, Pollack argues that Iranian influence in Iraq is not insurmountable. The United States should […]

Issue Brief by Kenneth M. Pollack

Iran Iraq

Mon, Nov 20, 2017

Partners or competitors? The future of the Iran-Russia power tandem in the Middle East

Ambassador John Herbst, director of the Atlantic Council’s Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center, writes in a new issue brief entitled Partners or Competitors? The Future of the Iran-Russia Power Tandem in the Middle East that Russia and Iran are currently drawn into partnership over common regional interests and anti-American policies and sentiments despite centuries of historical […]

Issue Brief by John Herbst

Iran Politics & Diplomacy

Thu, Nov 9, 2017

Iran’s bottom line in Afghanistan

Due to proximity and historical ties, no other country is as well placed as Iran to play a dominant role in Afghan society, as Middle East Institute senior fellow Alex Vatanka shows in his new paper, Iran’s Bottom Line in Afghanistan. However, Tehran is focused on short-term tactical gains at the expense of a sustainable, […]

Issue Brief by Alex Vatanka

Afghanistan Iran

Tue, Oct 31, 2017

Tehran stands atop the Syria-Iran alliance

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has managed to hold onto power through the civil war and has the determined support of Iran to thank for his position. In Tehran Stands Atop the Syria-Iran Alliance, author Danielle Pletka examines ties between Syria and Iran, the power relationship that has emerged, and the legacy it leaves for the […]

Issue Brief by Danielle Pletka

Iran Politics & Diplomacy

Thu, Oct 19, 2017

Iran’s fingerprints in Yemen: real or imagined?

In Iran’s Fingerprints in Yemen: Real or Imagined?, Dr. Elisabeth Kendall, nonresident senior fellow with the Brent Scowcroft Center’s Middle East Peace and Security Initiative and senior research fellow in Arabic and Islamic studies at Pembroke College at Oxford University, investigates the true extent of Iran’s presence in Yemen, including both military and cultural aspects. […]

Issue Brief by Elisabeth Kendall

Iran Security & Defense

Tue, Oct 10, 2017

US strategy options for Iran’s regional challenge

In their new paper, entitled US Strategy Options for Iran’s Regional Challenge, Kenneth M. Pollack, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, and Bilal Y. Saab, senior fellow and director for defense and security at the Middle East Institute, present five alternative strategies that the United States could pursue to limit Iran’s destabilizing activities. After […]

Report by Kenneth M. Pollack and Bilal Y. Saab

Iran Security Partnerships

Mon, Oct 2, 2017

The roots and evolution of Iran’s regional strategy

Understanding what drives Iran’s regional policies is crucial to confronting its challenges. In her new paper, entitled The Roots and Evolution of Iran’s Regional Strategy, Suzanne Maloney, deputy director of foreign policy and senior fellow for Middle East policy at the Brookings Institution, explores how the Islamic Republic operates throughout the Middle East, and the […]

Issue Brief by Suzanne Maloney

Iran Politics & Diplomacy