The South Asia Center serves as the Atlantic Council's focal point for work on greater South Asia as well as its relations between these countries, the neighboring regions, Europe, and the United States. It seeks to foster partnerships with key institutions in the region to establish itself as a forum for dialogue between decision-makers in South Asia, the United States, and NATO, and continues to "wage peace" in the region. These deliberations cover internal and external security, governance, trade, economic development, education, and other issues. The Center remains committed to working with stakeholders from the region itself, in addition to partners and experts in the United States and Europe to offer comprehensive analyses and practicable recommendations for policymakers.


Afghanistan Rising

The Afghanistan Rising initiative seeks to solidify international support for Afghanistan as the new government takes steps necessary to meet the country's security, development and economic challenges. The initiative will tap into the Atlantic Council's extensive network to convene thought leadership and policy-makers from all over the world to help clarify issues and policy options, to generate public and political support for continued investment, and to sustain and accelerate the momentum required to generate impactful change in the country.

Future of Iran

The Atlantic Council Iran Initiative aims to galvanize the international community – led by the United States with its global allies and partners – to increase the JCPOA’s chances of success and build on its model for conflict resolution. The Initiative also seeks to promote a deeper understanding of Iran to inform US policymakers as they formulate new approaches to the Islamic Republic.

Emerging Leaders of Pakistan

This fellowship program seeks to empower the next generation of Pakistan’s leaders. The program identifies, cultivates, and supports young people in Pakistan who have the potential of becoming future leaders by providing resources and opportunities to strengthen their engagement within civil society. It builds an online and in-person forum of engagement and collaboration for young leaders from Pakistan to discuss and make an impact on important issues, including democracy, economic development, employment, and governance.

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US-India Initiative

The US-India Trade Initiative seeks to build on the momentum of President Obama and Prime Minster Modi’s ambitious trade goal.  The initiative will tap into the Atlantic Council's extensive network to convene thought leadership and policy-makers in an effort to maintain focus on the importance of a burgeoning trade relationship between the United States and India.