Central Europe

  • US and Germany Sign Homeland Defense Technology Sharing Agreement

    The United States and Germany have agreed to share technologies related to homeland defense, in a first step toward a possible wider transatlantic framework. 

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  • German High School Shooting Kills 15

    A shooting rampage has left at least ten dead and many wounded in at the Albertville Realschule school near Stuttgart, Germany.

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  • Poland Expects Worst on Missile Defense

    Warsaw seems resigned to the Obama administration reneging on an agreement signed by its predecessor to put a missile defense system in Poland.

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  • German Papers Rebel Against Afghanistan Pressure

    German Newsstand Photo

    Charles Hawley, in a Der Spiegel editorial titled "Afghanistan Hasn't Yet Become NATO's Vietnam," argues that "it is time for an honest reassessment of the mission."

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  • France and Germany Suddenly Interested in Iraq

    Western European involvement in Iraq's economy may be about to undergo radical transformation, Sebastian Abbot reports for AP.

    Germany's foreign minister met with top Iraqi leaders in Baghdad on Tuesday in the latest high-level visit by a major Western nation that opposed the 2003 U.S.-led invasion but has promised to help Iraq rebuild now that security has improved.

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  • Munich: First Look at Obama Foreign Policy, Big Boost for Georgia

    Last weekend’s 45th Munich Security Conference afforded the world its first look at the emerging foreign policy of U.S. President Barack Obama.  The conference’s mostly European audience heard the constructive new tone for which it had hoped.  However, the substantive policy studiously delivered by all Administration representatives in Munich was one of cautious continuity.

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  • Angela Merkel Barbie Doll

    Another one for the Headlines I Thought I'd Never See file:  "Dream Chancellor Barbie: Mattel debuts Merkel doll."

    Barbie can add another dream job to her list — Germany's first female head-of-state.  Toy company Mattel debuted the Chancellor Angela Merkel Barbie last week at an international toy fair in the southern city of Nuremberg.

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  • Obama Revolutionizing German Politics?

    Marcel Reichart argues that Germany's political parties must learn the lessons from Barack Obama's campaign, so that they, too, can use the Internet to get ordinary people involved.  It looks like they're well on their way to doing just that.

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  • Europe Lauds Secret Prison Shutdown

    President Obama's order to "shut secret CIA-run prisons abroad brought renewed calls for their locations to be disclosed as well a fresh denial from Poland, one of two eastern European countries most closely linked to the practice,"  Shawn Pogatchnik and Frank Jordans report for AP

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  • Dell Moves Jobs From Ireland to Poland

    While the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs from high wage countries to lower wage countries is a longstanding phenomenon, we mostly think of it as one between the developed and developing worlds, not something that takes place within the EU.

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