• Putin Vows to 'Actively Defend' Russians Living Abroad

    From  David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times: The simmering standoff in eastern Ukraine exploded into warfare early Tuesday, pushing the conflict to a dangerous new phase and prompting President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to warn again that he reserves the right to use force to defend Russian-speaking citizens.
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  • Finland Will Require Referendum to Decide NATO Membership

    From Gerard O'Dwyer, Defense News:  Finland's electorate will ultimately decide whether Finland will join NATO.
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  • UK Minister: We Should Trust Ukrainians to Make the Right Choice

    Trust in the ability of people to make decisions about their own future is a fundamental tenet of democracy. On Sunday, the citizens of Ukraine go to the polls to elect a new president in one of the most important elections of their history.
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  • NATO: Russia’s Moves Have Changed Europe, the World

    Russia's annexation of Crimea and threats to southern and eastern Ukraine has made the world a different place, a senior NATO military official said.
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  • Secretary General: NATO's Eastern Allies 'Gravely Concerned' About Russian Actions

    [W]hat we have seen in… in Ukraine is outrageous.
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  • For Crimea's Tatars, Russia's Occupation is a ‘Third Tragedy’

    Note to Western Allies: ‘Tatars Understand That They Now Face a Long, New Struggle’

    On the seventieth anniversary Sunday of Josef Stalin’s deportation of the Tatars from Crimea, thousands of Tatar residents of the peninsula defied a ban by the Russian-backed Crimean administration and gathered for a public rally. They both commemorated the 1944 atrocity and protested Russia’s eighty-one-day-old seizure and occupation of Crimea. The BBC estimated the crowd, in the Akmechet neighborhood of Simferopol, at 10,000; the locally based Crimean News Agency reported it around 15,000.

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  • Journalism is a Crime In Crimea

    Under Russian Control, Vigilantes and Police Detain, Beat, Threaten Reporters

    Osman Pashaev, 37, is one of the most popular television reporters in Crimea. Pashaev, an ethnic Tatar, worked for years for the region’s Tatar channel ATR and recently founded his own internet channel.

    Yesterday, Pashaev joined other Crimea journalists in covering the Tatar community’s public commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s deportation of the Tatars into exile – an ordeal in which nearly half of the 230,000 deportees died. As Pashaev and Turkish cameraman Dzhengiz Tizgin worked, they were accosted by armed men of the Russian-backed “self-defense” vigilante groups that now patrol Crimean streets.

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  • Canadian Troops in Poland for Multinational Exercise

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will send soldiers to Poland to take part in NATO exercises amid growing concerns about Russian aggression toward Ukraine.
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  • Putin’s Way of War and NATO’s Article Five

    NATO countries have been reluctant to provide support to Ukraine's military, who is not a member of the transatlantic alliance and therefore not entitled to a collective defensive response under NATO's Article Five.
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  • NATO Military Commander: Evidence Proves Russian Forces Already in Ukraine

    It's hard to fathom that groups of armed men in masks suddenly sprang forward from the population in eastern Ukraine and systematically began to occupy government facilities. It's hard to fathom because it's simply not true.
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