• Nimmo quoted in Politico on Facebook removing accounts in UK and Romania

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  • At Three Seas Initiative's Bucharest Summit, Central European Leaders Seek to Transform Region

    Central European leaders gathered in Bucharest on September 17 to discuss ways in which to deepen regional economic integration and send a clear message of their desire to see the region play a greater role on the world stage.

    “We are here today [not only] because we are part of the European Union and NATO,” Polish President Andrzej Duda said, but also because “we want to be a significant player. We would like Central Europe to be a developed, well-integrated, and structured part of the Euro-Atlantic world.”

    Romanian President Klaus Iohannis hosted the third summit and first business forum of the Three Seas Initiative in Bucharest on September 17-18. The initiative brings together twelve European Union (EU) member states from the area that borders the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black Seas, to discuss common infrastructure and development programs to jumpstart the region’s economy.

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  • How to Fix Ukraine’s Economy

    It’s been more than three years since Ukrainians were driven in large measure by the rampant corruption in Ukraine to retake their country. Yet state-owned enterprises (SOEs)—the organs of systemic corruption and deterrence for western investment—remain in the hands of the same elites who drain these state treasures of their financial and material resources. Even worse, this unwritten system scares away further capital, expertise, and technology required to restart an economy which is moving away from Russia. At the same time, the Ukrainian economy is starved for capital and the GDP growth required to support its population.

    Privatizing Ukraine’s state enterprises would send a powerful signal to corrupt elites and foreign investors.

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  • Trump's Impromptu Commitment to Defend NATO Allies

    US President Donald Trump said Friday that the United States remained committed to NATO's mutual defense pledge, after he failed to endorse it in a speech in Brussels last month.
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  • US-Romania Ties in Need of an Upgrade

    There are several reasons why Donald Trump’s administration must upgrade the relationship with Romania—an important US partner in Eastern Europe. Romania is an enduring friend and ally—from a cultural, security, and military standpoint—and offers a wealth of economic opportunities. It aspires to be more present on Washington’s strategic radar, and particularly on the agenda of Trump and the Republican-controlled US Congress. 

    This is no time for a political romance in Eastern Europe, pragmatism abounds. The European Union faces several challenges from the east and the south—Russia, terrorism, and migration being among the more significant ones.

    The “Easterners,” historically enthusiastic about the United States, are rightfully worried by Russia’s actions following its annexation of Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine.

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  • Romania and Bulgaria to Host Greater NATO Presence in the Black Sea Region

    NATO member state officials meeting in Brussels agreed to boost the alliance’s military presence along its entire eastern flank from Bulgaria to the Baltics.
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  • What Ukraine Can Learn from Romania’s Fight against Graft

    In 2015, Romania got serious about its corruption problem. DNA, its aggressive anticorruption body, indicted 1,250 public officials, including the sitting prime minister. Five other ministers, twenty-one members of parliament, and Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu were indicted. The agency ordered the seizure of nearly half a billion euros.

    Romania is now perceived as less corrupt. In 2002 when the DNA was put into place, Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index ranked the country as the 77th most corrupt country in the world, tying with Pakistan and the Philippians. In 2015, Romania had improved to 58th place.

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  • NATO Takes Command of Missile Defense Facility in Romania

    Today a new milestone in the development of NATO Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) has been reached.
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  • Morningstar Interviewed by HotNews on Romania's Role in the Energy Sector

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  • US, France Differ Over Readiness of NATO Missile-Defense Shield

    French officials said they are withholding their approval for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to take control of the U.S.-built European missile-defense system
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