Eastern Europe

  • Stepan Bandera: Hero of Ukraine?

    Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko’s decision to confer the title of Hero of Ukraine on nationalist leader Stepan Bandera on Jan. 22 has unleashed a storm of outrage inside and outside Ukraine. Critics accuse Yushchenko of whitewashing a Nazi-era fascist and betraying the ideals of the Orange Revolution that brought him to power.
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  • Ukraine Partition Debate Irresponsible and Dangerous

    Every scholar, writer, or intellectual takes on serious obligations toward the reader when he or she engages in speculation or hypothesis.  Among the most important of these obligations is to assess the probability of his proposition and, if the probability is remote, to be cognizant the consequences and uses of his exercise in speculative analysis.
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  • The Ukrainian 'W'

    Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych bears a striking resemblance to former President George W. Bush.

    Although Bush was born rich and Yanukovych poor, both were rowdy as youths, with the former drinking and carousing and the latter serving two jail terms for hooliganism.

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  • Ukraine Elections: Let's Not Get Carried Away

    Adrian Karatnycky's analysis of Ukraine's  presidential run-off election ends on a positive note.
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  • Ukrainian Army Units Will Participate in NATO Response Force in 2010 and 2011

    From the Kyiv Post: Ukrainian army units will participate in the 15th and 16th rotations of the NATO Response Force in the second half of 2010 and the first half of 2011 respectively.

    Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces told this to Ukrainian reporters after a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Military Committee held at the level of chiefs of defense at the alliance's headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday.

    During the meeting, Svyda presented the proposals put forward by Kyiv.

    "I presented [a program on] the training of our army units for participation in the NATO Response Force. We selected 12 units that are undergoing training in line with NATO standards, in particular, engineer units, the marines, field engineers, chemical and biological defense troops – all types of armed forces and all branches of troops. They can participate not only in the NATO Response Force, but also in other operations led by the European Union or the United Nations," he said. (photo: Kyiv Post)

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  • Ukraine may join NATO Response Force in 2015-16

    From RIA Novosti: Ukraine has been invited to join the NATO Response Force as a partner country in 2015-16, a spokesman for the NATO military committee said Wednesday.

    Colonel Massimo Panizzi said Ukraine would become "the first non-NATO country to join the Response Force."

    The Response Force consists of rapid deployment forces with land, air and sea components, capable of swiftly reacting to crisis situations.

    Panizzi added that the matter would be discussed at a meeting of Ukrainian and NATO chiefs of staff on January 26 in Brussels.

    He described the move as "a significant step forward in the implementation of military reform" that NATO is expecting from Kiev "on its way" toward NATO candidate status. (graphic: RIA Novosti)

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  • EU Energy Security May Depend on Ukraine Election Runoff

    This winter may not see a natural-gas crisis in Ukraine, but then again, the country's presidential election isn’t over. The outcome of the February 7 second round runoff may well determine whether the gas crises continue, and by extension, shape the future of European energy consumption.

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  • Ukraine Election: A Yushchenko Post-Mortem

    Orange Revolution hero Viktor Yushchenko has been rejected decisively by Ukraine's voters in the January 17th vote. However, this repudiation should not prevent us from seeing some his enduring successes, even as we acknowledge his failings.
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  • Ukraine Presidential Results: Calling it Right

    On January 15th, I offered my predictions for Ukraine's January 17th presidential vote. All in all, they held up quite well. 
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  • Yanukovych Comes Out On Top, But Tymoshenko Has Momentum

    Ukrainian voters today braved frigid temperatures to narrow the field of presidential contenders to Viktor Yanukovych and Yulia Tymoshenko.
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