Eastern Europe

  • Georgia and Ukraine: Circumnavigating the MAP

    Washington and London have proposed dropping the NATO MAPs for Georgia and Ukraine, favoring instead an open-ended development plan to bring both countries closer to membership. While Germany and France protest such unorthodoxy, this more flexible approach may allow NATO to prudently balance its interests with Russia and for eventual Georgian-Ukrainian expansion.

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  • NATO Says 'No' to Georgia and Ukraine ... For Now

    It's official – NATO will not offer Georgia and Ukraine Membership Action Plans (MAPs), Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said after a two-day summit of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels. 

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  • Transcript: Ukraine President Victor Yushchenko

    On September 24, 2008, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko spoke at a luncheon hosted by the Atlantic Council in New York.
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  • Time to Extend Hand to Ukraine

    Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has staked his and his country’s future on Ukraine’s integration into Euroatlantic institutions, even going so far as to say, at an Atlantic Council luncheon on September 23, that Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity can be preserved only with “international guarantees.”
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  • Ukraine: The West or the Swamp?

    Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko sees numerous similarities between his country's situation and that of neighboring Georgia and believes his nation's sovereignty and territorial integrity are at stake, he told an Atlantic Council luncheon in New York.
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  • Council Hosts Ukrainian President Yushchenko

    In a luncheon hosted by the Atlantic Council at the offices of Chadbourne & Parke LLP in New York, President Viktor Yushchenko spoke about the challenges facing Ukraine in the wake of the Georgian crisis. Along with fellow dignitaries and guests, Mr. Yushchenko also spoke about Ukrainian-Russian relations and the domestic political situation facing Ukraine.

    Mr. Yushchenko, who is in New York ahead of the UN General Assembly's 63rd annual high-level debate, talked at length about the challenges facing Ukraine and stressed his desire for further integration with Europe and NATO following the collapse of the ruling coalition last week. The president's visit comes at a turning-point for Ukraine, where political divisions over Georgia, Russia and the Black Sea Fleet have been put  into sharp focus in recent weeks.

    President Saakashvili of Georgia also spoke at an event hosted by the Council in wake of the Russian invasion last month.

    This event was generously hosted by Chadbourne & Park LLP

    Notable Guests and Dignitaries

    • H.E. Victor Yushchenko - President of Ukraine
    • H.E. Oleh Shamsur - Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States
    • William G. Miller - Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine
    • George Pataki - Former Governor of New York
    • Robert Thomson - Managing Editor, Wall Street Journal
    • Chrystia Freeland - Managing Editor, Financial Times

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  • 'New' Europe Outworks 'Old' -- USA, Too?

    Workers in eastern Europe work more hours and take less vacation than their counterparts to the west.

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  • Ukraine's Second Chance

    Travel south from Kiev along the arbored R-12 highway and you will see perhaps the most public symbols of Ukraine's rampant corruption: a wide array of luxurious estates that have sprung up in Koncha-Zaspa, a leafy suburb of the capital. Many of these multimillion-dollar homes belong to senior state officials with only modest salaries. Investigative journalists have compiled evidence suggesting quite a few of these mansions were bought with ill-gotten gains. This prompted President Viktor Yushchenko to demand in August that the public servants explain how they came to possess such lavish accommodations. But at the time his political opponents from the Party of Regions still ran the government, and they responded to his call for accountability with stony silence.
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  • Corruption, Democracy, and Investment in Ukraine

    Ukraine is facing a considerable challenge from corruption, which our research showed is presentin nearly all levels of government and politics, the judiciary, and business. It is the view of the Task Force that corruption has become so severe that it has the potential to threaten Ukraine’s political and economic stability as well as the country’s European Union membership aspirations.
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  • Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic Ambitions


    Since his inauguration in January 2005, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has repeatedly stated that his foremost foreign policy goal is his country’s integration into European and Euro-Atlantic institutions. “Joining Europe” today, be it preparing a country for a bid to enter the European Union or NATO, is an extraordinarily complex business. It will require the development of a consensus on a Euro-Atlantic policy course among the country’s political leadership. It will also require an effective and coherent policy coordination structure. As the experience of other Eastern European countries has demonstrated, integration into the European Union or NATO is not just the responsibility of the foreign and defense ministries. It also requires coordination with the ministries of economy, justice, agrarian policy, transportation and communications, internal affairs – indeed, virtually every ministry in the Ukrainian Cabinet.

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