• Grundman on New NASA Contract

    Los Angeles Daily News quotes M.A. and George Lund Fellow for Emerging Defense Challenges Steven Grundman on the possibility that NASA may choose SpaceX as a contractor for future projects: 

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  • Putin Says Russia Will Keep Building Military Power
    Russia will continue to build up its military might with large-scale weapons purchases in order to meet any threat, particularly from the United States and NATO, President Vladimir V. Putin said on Wednesday.
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  • Grundman on Future NASA Contracts

    The Daily Breeze quotes M.A. and George Lund Fellow for Emerging Defense Challenges Steven Grundman on the possibility of NASA choosing SpaceX as its contractor for future projects: 

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  • Transcript: The US Future in Space

    Atlantic Council

    The US Future in Space

    Welcome and Moderator:
    Barry Pavel
    Vice President and Director,
    Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security,
    Atlantic Council
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  • The US Future in Space

    How should US space programs adjust to sequestration? How does the US regain the lead in liquid propulsion rockets? What can the US do to inspire young people to get involved in space?

    Those were just some of the topics which General William L. Shelton, commander of US Air Force Space Command, discussed at the Atlantic Council's Commanders Series event, titled "The US Future in...

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  • The Promise of Human Space Exploration

    Space exploration captured Americans’ imaginations in the 1960s and became a significant cultural touchstone in American history due to the Apollo programs and that iconic moment when man first walked on the moon in 1969. Lately, this sense of wonder seems to be fading as NASA gets less funding, private industry steps in to fill gaps left behind, and international actors rise to prominence. NASA...
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  • As China Builds Ability to Attack Satellites, Here is How US Should Respond

    As searchers in the Indian Ocean inch toward finding the disappeared Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, a reminder of the rising role of China in space is that the critical first step in learning the plane’s fate was an innovative analysis of routine satellite data – and that Chinese space assets played an unusually prominent role in the search.

    Early in the search operation, China...

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  • The Disruptive Democratization of Space

    Tiny satellites are diffusing remote sensing capabilities around the world

    The Americans have reconnaissance satellites. The French, Belgians, Spanish, and Greeks share some reconnaissance satellites. The Russians have their reconnaissance satellites. The Ukrainians have Google Earth. It’s not the same thing, but right now, it the best they’ve got. But as technology and the...

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  • MH 370 Reminds of US Vulnerabilities in Space

    Bharath Gopalaswamy, deputy director for the South Asia Center, and Eurasia Center intern Dylan Rebstock write in the Huffington Post on how the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 highlights the US space program's vulnerabilities:

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  • Lost in Space

    The Crimean Crisis highlights America's Dangerous Dependence on Russian Space Technology.

    The Crimea crisis, the sharpest conflict in decades between the United States and Russia, is raising concerns about the future of the U.S. space program. The cooperation in space that Washington and Moscow fostered in the quarter-century since the Cold War ended is now at risk of unraveling. A...

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