• Lost in Space

    The Crimean Crisis highlights America's Dangerous Dependence on Russian Space Technology.

    The Crimea crisis, the sharpest conflict in decades between the United States and Russia, is raising concerns about the future of the U.S. space program. The cooperation in space that Washington and Moscow fostered in the quarter-century since the Cold War ended is now at risk of unraveling. A...

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  • Some NATO Allies Concerned about Turkey's Satellite Launching Center

    Turkey has approved construction of its first satellite launching center to cater for the country's mushrooming satellite programs.

    But Ankara's western allies worry that the Turks intend to use their own launching pad to fire the...

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  • In Space, No One Can Hear You Pivot

    With all the recent discussion on the rebalance to Asia and how air, sea, and ground forces might play in that environment, one domain has been conspicuously absent. Space.

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  • The Rise of Commercial Outer Space

    Faced with deep cuts in its operating budget, NASA has undertaken efforts to broaden international cooperation and establish a domestic commercial space industry. With the space shuttle now retired, NASA needs a way to get large amounts of cargo and personnel into space, and private companies are the only ticket up. 
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  • Importance of Space Domain Within Visegrad Defense and Security Cooperation

    Space has become an increasingly important domain within regional security cooperation initiatives. While the Nordic countries have embraced the prospect of a joint satellite system as an important tool in advancing common interests, the Visegrad nations have yet to recognize the immense potential of collaboration in outer space. Central European leaders presently face a challenge of...
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