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  • Brent Scowcroft on Renewing the Transatlantic Community Through Global Partnerships

    On April 3, the fifth annual Christopher J. Makins Lecture featured a unique and forward looking conversation with Lieutenant General Brent Scowcroft, who has served, in both official and unofficial capacities, as a national security advisor to every US president since Richard Nixon.
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  • To Help Syria, Apply a Mix of 'Soft' and 'Hard' Power

    The debate over the role of the international community in Syria is disheartening, dominated by skepticism about the ability of outsiders to have a positive impact.

    This stems from the fact that two main options – continuing to refrain from direct intervention or waging a fully fledged military campaign – both have serious drawbacks. Is there a middle way?

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  • Is it Time for a Nuclear Mutual Assistance Pact?

    Is it time for a Nuclear Mutual Assistance Pact? Yesterday’s ‘P5+1’ statement urging Iran to enter into “serious dialogue” on its nuclear program “without preconditions” suggests the danger of nuclear proliferation is now so real that something new is needed to prevent it. The statement is also an important precedent. The very fact that the five Permanent Members of the UN Security...
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  • Big Weekend for the Big Brothers

    This has been a big weekend for the big brothers. Vladimir Putin somehow managed to get himself ‘re-elected’ as Russian president. (He should next time try to become EU President as the system is by and large the same.)
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  • The European Union and the Syrian Gridlock

    The United Nations account of the 8317 dead and counting in Syria is disturbing, even more so as the international community remains divided and actions to curb violence have proved unsuccessful. In this apparent gridlock, the European Union has adopted a hard-pressed and steady posture against the regime. The pressure may be...
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  • Syria Intervention: Ugly Choices

    With Russia and China standing firmly behind Assad’s regime in Syria, it appears increasingly likely that continued violence, and potentially a prolonged civil war, will be the future condition of a country where the opposition is not strong enough to overcome the core elements of the regime’s security forces, and foreign parties lack the willpower or capacity to overthrow the rulers in...
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  • With Syria, Don’t Repeat Yemen Mistake

    Efforts to halt the killing in Syria shifted to the UN Security Council yesterday, where its members debated a draft resolution proposed by Morocco to end Bashar Al Assad’s reign of terror.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and foreign ministers from Britain, France, and other nations urged passage of the resolution, with Clinton...
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  • Will NATO Intervene In Syria?

    Among the explanations given for why the West intervened in Libya but has thus far stayed out of the far greater crisis in Syria has been the lack of regional support for action. That excuse appears to be nearing its expiration date.
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  • NATO's New Math: 600, 2012, and 0

    Next May, NATO will have its biannual heads of government summit in Chicago. Few Americans are interested in or know much about NATO these days. Fewer are aware of this forthcoming summit and the crucial challenges facing the alliance and threatening its cohesion.

    The numbers in the headline -- 600, 2012 and 0 -- reflect this condition.

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  • The Ahmadinejad Show

    Tormenting Western journalists must be among the few pleasures left to Iran's beleaguered president.

    On Thursday afternoon in his New York hotel, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad punted questions about human rights, expressed sympathy for the downtrodden masses of Europe and America, and otherwise managed to wear down an august assembly of American media, from New Yorker editor David Remnick to


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