Monetary Policy Hub

The data in this tracker was last updated in June 2023. The GeoEconomics Center is no longer updating the data in this tracker.

The Monetary Policy Hub (MPH) tracks central banks’ efforts to achieve price stability, maximum employment, and sustainable growth. With inflation near forty-year highs in many advanced economies, major central banks, including the US Federal Reserve, are raising interest rates and shrinking their balance sheets to control inflation. Our Hub provides real-time information about central banks’ tools, including rate hikes and balance-sheet policies, and details their impact on each country’s economy and financial system.

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Key Challenges for 2023

The Big 4 Central Banks

Key Emerging Markets Central Banks

Supply Side Factors Impacting Inflation

Future of the US Dollar

Research Team: Ole Moehr, Mrugank Bhusari, Niels Graham, Roberto Lopez-Irizarry, and Stefan de Villiers

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