Aug 5, 2022

Bangladesh’s economic crisis: How did we get here?

By Ali Riaz

Bangladesh's economic and financial crisis was paved by the policies of the Hasina government and an unaccountable system of governance of the past decade. 

Bangladesh Economy & Business


Aug 3, 2022

Trading geopolitics: The US-Chinese capital markets

By Elmar Hellendoorn

Increased Chinese-Western capital market integration is just one scenario. Instead, ”strong decoupling” or “muddling through” may prove more likely.

China Economy & Business

New Atlanticist

Jul 21, 2022

The world isn’t ready for the looming emerging-market debt crisis

By Vasuki Shastry and Jeremy Mark

A perfect storm of economic forces threatens to swamp developing countries, and the international community—starting with the G20—isn't prepared to do much about it. 

Economy & Business Financial Regulation

In the News

Jul 11, 2022

Lichfield, Fishman, and O’Toole cited in Energy Post on the pros and cons of a price cap on Russian oil

Read the full article here.

China Economic Sanctions


Jun 30, 2022

Global Sanctions Dashboard: Russia default and China secondary sanctions

By Charles Lichfield, Maia Nikoladze and Castellum.AI

Russia's default on sovereign debt; EU oil ban; China secondary sanctions threat; Middle Eastern illicit networks

China East Asia


Jun 29, 2022

Trouble for Emerging Markets could spell trouble for all

By Jeff Goldstein

With emerging markets in a difficult position, they should be encouraged to use capital controls in some circumstances, develop more effective debt resolution programs, and acquire funds from advanced economies and international financial institutions.

Economy & Business Financial Regulation

New Atlanticist

Jun 24, 2022

Seven trends to watch as the world’s richest countries get together

By the GeoEconomics Center

From inflation to sanctions, these are the key questions facing the G7 countries—which represent around half the global economy—at their upcoming summit.

Digital Currencies Economic Sanctions


Jun 17, 2022

The Fed has regained the initiative, but at a cost

By Hung Tran

The Fed may well have been right in taking forceful actions now to fight inflation after failing to control it, but such actions add to the challenges experienced by economies around the world.

Economy & Business Financial Regulation

Fast Thinking

Jun 15, 2022

FAST THINKING: The Fed pulls the emergency brake. Will it work?

By Atlantic Council

Our global economic experts take you behind the numbers to understand what’s next in this uncertain monetary moment.

Economy & Business Europe & Eurasia


Jun 15, 2022

Missing Key: The challenge of cybersecurity and central bank digital currency

By Giulia Fanti, Kari Kostiainen, William Howlett, Josh Lipsky, Ole Moehr, John Paul Schnapper-Casteras, and Josephine Wolff

New research on the cybersecurity challenges posed by digital currencies and design models that can provide a more secure financial system.

Cybersecurity Digital Currencies