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Recent Commentary & Analysis

New Atlanticist

May 18, 2022

Dashboard: Tracking the Western response to the war in Ukraine

By Atlantic Council

Explore the Atlantic Council’s interactive trackers for how the world has responded by sending humanitarian and military aid, redeploying forces, and hammering Russia’s economy.

Economic Sanctions Economy & Business


May 16, 2022

Trade facilitation and the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

By Niels Graham

At the end of May, US President Joe Biden is expected to formally launch the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). The framework is the United States’ first attempt to create a large-scale, multilateral, Asia-focused economic strategy since 2017. For the framework to achieve broad participation, trade facilitation ought be a key component.

Economy & Business Indo-Pacific

Issue Brief

May 11, 2022

China Pathfinder: Q1 2022 Update

By GeoEconomics Center and Rhodium Group

Over the past ten months, teams from the Atlantic Council and Rhodium Group have taken a dive into China’s economy to address a fundamental question: Is China becoming more or less like other open-market economies? 

China Fiscal and Structural Reform


May 11, 2022

China’s faltering “zero COVID” policy: Politics in command, economy in reverse

By Jeremy Mark, Michael Schuman

Could Beijing’s doubling down on the “zero COVID” policy undermine the narrative of China’s superiority in responding to the pandemic—and the image and stature of Xi’s rule?

China Coronavirus

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