The Council enjoys a diversified donor base helping to ensure our credibility and integrity. As we grow, we increasingly are engaging governments which are interested in supporting programming at the Council. To protect our independence and reputation, we have established a process to obtain authorization to negotiate financing with a government or state-controlled entity. The Governance Committee of the board of directors formally approved this process.

Attached is a template that sets out the process Council programs must complete to ensure a thorough review and formal approval of proposed government funding prior to the Council entering formal negotiations for such a gift or contract. Programs should coordinate in advance with the CEO, Executive Vice President, and Vice President of Advancement on any potential exploratory talks with official government partners; however, we need to seek formal board authorization once we have an expectation of credible interest on our part and our government partner for a potential project. In such cases, program directors should submit this completed form for approval and board review.

pdfGovernment Funding Review Process