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The South Asia Center serves as the Atlantic Council’s focal point for work on the region as well as relations between these countries, neighboring regions, Europe, and the United States.



In the News

May 11, 2022

Dr Shahid in LiveMint on women’s empowerment in Assam’s Rupakuchi village

By Atlantic Council

India South Asia

New Atlanticist

Apr 27, 2022

As the EU courts India on trade, here’s what to watch

By Mark Linscott

Brussels wants to bring New Delhi closer into its economic orbit—but that won't be so easy.

Economy & Business European Union

Issue Brief

Apr 19, 2022

E-commerce policy for a new digital India

By Anand Raghuraman

As India looks to revise its e-commerce frameworks, policymakers in Delhi have a unique opportunity to articulate core principles and processes that can deliver practical, inclusive, and durable policy solutions.

Digital Policy Economy & Business

Issue Brief

Apr 11, 2022

US-India economic integration: Towards an agenda for growing manufacturing and resilient supply chains

By Atman Trivedi, Katherine Hadda, Akhil Bery

China’s rise and COVID-19 have injected greater urgency into how the United States and India work together to attract global manufacturing and ensure greater supply-chain resiliency. Both countries increasingly view China as a source of unfair trade competition—a multidimensional competitor that poses a security threat best managed by finding supply alter-natives and achieving a degree of separation on key future technologies.

Economy & Business India

Issue Brief

Apr 8, 2022

Technology for social good

By Uzair Younus

Growing cooperation between the United States and India in the digital realm presents significant opportunities in terms of investment, job creation, and deeper trade linkages. Deeper technological cooperation can also make a significant impact on improving social outcomes, particularly as they relate to empowering local communities by democratizing access.

Digital Policy Economy & Business


Apr 5, 2022

The Indian missile launch in Pakistan: A skeptical view

By Riaz Khokhar and Asma Khalid

It is hard to blame the international community alone for the complacency that Pakistan has shown itself amid a budding apocalypse.

India Missile Defense

In the News

Mar 28, 2022

Nooruddin in the Wall Street Journal: China, India try to improve ties damaged by deadly border crash

By Atlantic Council

China India


Mar 25, 2022

A new vision for EU-Asia data privacy cooperation

By Anand Raghuraman and Justin Sherman

The EU and its Asian partners have profound and tantalizing opportunities to reshape the global digital commons.

Digital Policy European Union


Mar 22, 2022

How Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are seeing their relationships with India and China

By South Asia Center

Join the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center for a discussion on how Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are understanding the geopolitical nature of their relations with India and China as well as how these relationships may evolve in the coming years. 

China Economy & Business

Issue Brief

Mar 21, 2022

Trading in US-India data flows: Prospects for cooperation in US-India data policy

By Justin Sherman

This issue brief details opportunities for cooperation and sources of contestation in US-India data policy. It then recommends that the United States and Indian governments convene bilateral dialogues focused narrowly on achieving tangible, near-term objectives on data policy.

Digital Policy Economy & Business