Thu, Oct 15, 2020

The Guardian highlights Washington, London support for Scowcroft Center’s D10 idea

On October 15, The Guardian published an article discussing the future of the US-UK relationship after the November election. The article highlights support among leaders in Washington and London for a D10 of leading democracies, an idea developed by the Scowcroft Center.

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Thu, Oct 15, 2020

COVID-19 and British unity

The coronavirus crisis is straining British unity as officials in the North of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland clash with Boris Johnson's government over lockdowns and economic support measures.

New Atlanticist by John M. Roberts

Coronavirus Politics & Diplomacy

Wed, Oct 14, 2020

Christen a carrier strike group

Using the HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales as its backbone, a NATO carrier strike group is an opportunity for high-end interoperability under European leadership.

NATO 20/2020 by Michael John Williams

Europe & Eurasia Maritime Security

Tue, Oct 13, 2020

Britain and Ukraine unveil new strategic partnership

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s recent state visit to the UK was the most consequential foreign relations act of his presidency to date and saw the unveiling of a new strategic partnership.

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Mon, Oct 12, 2020

UK and Ukraine sign historic post-Brexit free trade deal

The jury is still out on the economic impact of Brexit, but Ukraine emerged in early October as an unlikely early beneficiary of Britain’s EU exit by signing a landmark partnership agreement including free trade.

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Fri, Sep 18, 2020

Johnson faces a COVID lockdown and trade lockout

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has found himself in an extraordinary crisis, as a second wave of COVID-19 lockdowns is interacting with what would normally be considered a totally separate matter, the future of trade deals with the European Union and the United States and Britain’s reputation as a nation committed to upholding international law.

New Atlanticist by John M. Roberts

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Fri, Sep 18, 2020

Trade flows in the age of automation

Innovative digital technologies will alter global value chains (GVCs) in the decade following COVID-19. As new technology re-shapes the nature of services trade, entire value chains will be disrupted. With trade in services growing 60 percent faster than that of goods, it is clear that the impact of new digital technologies will be widespread.

Report by Jack Daly, Nick Brown

Economy & Business Internet of Things

Thu, Sep 17, 2020

British foreign secretary: Post-Brexit Britain will pursue ‘distinct identity in the world’

Amid continuing uncertainty about the exact economic and political relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab explained that the United Kingdom wants to “be masters of our own destiny, not just domestically, but [also] in terms of the approach we forge internationally.”

New Atlanticist by David A. Wemer

Human Rights Politics & Diplomacy

Fri, Sep 11, 2020

Kroenig and Ashford discuss US efforts to counter China

On September 11, Foreign Policy published a biweekly column featuring Scowcroft Center Deputy Director Matthew Kroenig and the Cato Institute’s Emma Ashford discussing the latest news in international affairs. In this column, they discuss US efforts to counter China, including a new US military base in Palau; the possibility that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pursues a closed […]

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Tue, Sep 8, 2020

Brexit and Ireland: Britannia waives the rules

Is British Prime Minister Boris Johnson really putting the Northern Ireland peace agreement at risk, or is it just a ploy to improve the UK’s position in negotiating a post-Brexit trade agreement?

New Atlanticist by John M. Roberts

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